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The TFX 150 has long been the affordable street fighter xe đạp for many. It is powered by a 150cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine which makes 16.5 PS và 14.3 Nm. This engine is mated khổng lồ 6-tốc độ manual transmission. The large 10-litre fuel tank means that you can go on long rides without frequent stops, the average mileage of 40-45 kmpl also help. Disc brakes on both wheels ensure the TFX 150 has adequate stopping power. Some of the highlight features include LED head/tail lights, 37 mm upside-down front forks, wide handlebar for upright riding và the signature MT starter switch. Yamaha has priced the TFX 150 at PHP142,900 & is available in red, Trắng and black colours.

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TFX 150 Images

Yamaha TFX 150 Colors

TFX 150 is available in 3 different colors - Blachồng, White and Red.




TFX 150 Colors

Yamaha TFX 150 Videos

Watch lachạy thử đoạn Clip Review of Yamaha TFX 150 to lớn know about its performance, mileage, styling và more.


Yamaha TFX 150 Launch

Oct 26, năm nhâm thìn 04:47 mins

2016 Yamaha TFX 150

Oct 26, 2016 01:25 mins

Yamaha TFX 150

Oct 26, năm nhâm thìn 01:36 mins

Yamaha TFX 150 Review

TFX 150 Overview Yamaha TFX 150 Design TFX 150 Engine và Fuel Consumption Yamaha TFX 150 Braking & Safety

TFX 150 Overview

Aimed at making the naked xe đạp segment more competent, Yamaha introduced TFX 150 in the country. The bike not only possess aggressive styling, it also features more traction and a different riding position. The bike reflects the company’s lachạy thử thiết kế philosophy in an effective sầu manner which is powered by an entirely new engine. Launched last year at the 2016 Yamaha Motor Show, the TFX 150 is one of the most powerful bikes in its segment. Besides being a street commuter, it is a complete package for fulfilling your extreme adventure deeds as well. The xe đạp has impressed the consumers in Thailand và Indonesia, and now, its potential will be tested on the Philippines’ roads.

Yamaha TFX 150 Design

The first thing that you will notice about the TFX 150 is its wide handlebar, which Yamaha has incorporated khổng lồ push upright riding position that helps in improved maneuverability. Even the digital instrument cluster is one of its kind in the segment, which features full inverted LCD speedometer that displays riding information through adjustable backlight system. The sharp LED headlamps clearly reflects the aggressive characteristics of the xe đạp while the sharp graphics further complement its fierce nature.

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TFX 150 Engine & Fuel Consumption

The newest addition to lớn Yamaha’s lineup, The Fierce Experience (TFX) is powered by a 150cc, liquid-cooled, six-tốc độ SOHC engine with fuel injection that is capable of delivering 12 kW maximum power at 8500 rpm & 14.3 Nm peak torque at 7500 rpm. The under cowl of the bike further helps in improving the cooling efficiency along with preventing the engine from mud splatter. As the bike weighs just 135 kilogam, the power-to-weight ratio is impressive sầu and makes the TFX 150 agile.

Blue Chip Core giải pháp công nghệ is standard across all the Yamaha’s models & TFX-150 is no exception. But, as the bike is designed for thrill and adventure, it is not an economical ride for your daily commutes. Expecting efficiency và performance hand-in-h& from TFX-150 will surely disappoint you but, Yamaha has worked hard khổng lồ give decent fuel economy figures. A rider gets a mileage ranging between 40-45 kmpl with normal đô thị riding và idle riding conditions. Off-roading & pushing the throttle hard will further push this range down & you get a mileage ranging between 35-40 kmpl.

The engine performance is reliable in most of the challenging situations and gear shifting is as swift as its elder siblings. The xe đạp is meant for pushing and opening the throttle results in smooth power delivery up khổng lồ 80-90 kmph. However, pushing beyond this limit might result in a few vibes that can be managed to an extent. The clutch action is light & the 6-tốc độ gearbox engages with decent precision.

Yamaha TFX 150 Braking & Safety

Though the xe đạp is inspired by its elder siblings, the Yamaha TFX-150 is different in a number of ways. The most noticeable difference is the riding position it offers, it is more upright, which aims towards easy maneuverability and agility. To control this nimble bike, Yamaha has equipped hydraulic single disc brakes, while the suspension duties are handled by 37mm Upside Down telescopic at the front and linked-type monocross at the rear.

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The seat height of 805mm is not accessible for everyone & surely small riders will find difficulties in handling the bike smoothly. Whereas, the ground clearance of 165mm ensures easy tackling over bumpy roads. The wide tyres offer improved stability và make cornering easy while the seating position is comfortable for long rides along with day-to-day đô thị commutes. In a quichồng & powerful xe đạp, ABS plays an important role; unfortunately, Yamaha has skipped this in the new TFX-150, which is surely a drawback of this naked xe đạp.