At Xray Vision we continue to lớn develop và evolve lighting technology—like our state-of-the-art quad-optic LEDs—to lớn project và illuminate the road ahead evenly & accurately. Built tough lớn suit Australian conditions, Xray Vision driving lights are formed from materials including die-cast alloy, stainless steel, và hardened polycarbonate for maximum strength và durability.

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Driving Lights

Featuring state-of-the-art light projection technology that illuminates the road ahead evenly và accurately with true pencil beam, spread beam, và driving beam light patterns.



Off-road LED Lightbars

Lightbars provide additional light between a vehicleís headlights và the long distance beam pattern of driving lights. Also igiảm giá for off-road và undulating terrain.

LED Worklights

Robust, powerful and resistant khổng lồ shock, vibration, dust and moisture. With solid-state LED construction & fully sealed housings, reliability is taken to the next cấp độ.

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Accessories và Spares

From mounting brackets and security locknut sets to lớn quiông xã fit wiring harnesses, there’s a wide range of accessories and spare parts to lớn suit the entire Xray Vision range.

Xray Vision is proud to lớn partner with the team from Patriot Games for Season 3. This season of Patriot Games, Justin and the team will take us on adventures to the largest s& dune recreational area at Glamis, the Murray…

Don’t Get Blinded By The Lights….Or Lumens There’s a big difference when it comes khổng lồ measuring lumens and knowing how khổng lồ spot the difference can have a big impact when selecting a driving light or worklight. Lumen is a term…

Xray Vision has launched it’s new Dual Switching Combo LED Driving. With nine high powered 10W LEDs, the Xray Vision DLZ2đôi mươi Series offers 90W of high performance driving light. Rated at IP69K for water and dust resistance, featuring dual switching…

Lighting Facts

Everything you need to lớn know about automotive lighting, from the công nghệ that goes into producing và projecting the light, to applications & vehicle thiết đặt.

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Built tough khổng lồ suit Australian conditions, Xray Vision driving lights are formed from die-cast alloy, stainless steel, hardened quartz glass, and polycarbonate for maximum strength và durability.At Xray Vision we continue to develop our lighting giải pháp công nghệ lớn create projectors và reflectors that not only give sầu great distance performance but also the most advanced homogenous light distribution possible.See Beyond.
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