Binance will support the symbol (xym) airdrop program for


Today, SatoshiLabs and the Foundation are happy khổng lồ announce the launch of integration into lớn the NEM NanoWallet, enabling you lớn secure your NEM assets with the help of the world’s first hardware wallet. XEM, the currently 9th cryptocurrency according lớn, becomes the 12th officially supported cryptocurrency in

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Along with providing tư vấn size XEM, can also offer tư vấn for assets built on the NEM blockchain. Tokens on the NEM blockchain will therefor also be supported, as are other assets created on this blockchain.

For more details, please refer khổng lồ the press release by Foundation. You can also learn more about this cryptocurrency at this liên kết.

Start using NEM with!

This guide assumes that your has already been initialized — you have set up a before, and you have your recovery seed. If you have an entirely new device, please go khổng lồ Wallet first & mix up your device.

First of all, please make sure that your device is running the lachạy thử firmware version. If you have not yet updated the firmware, go lớn Wallet, and follow the guide.

Introducing expanded cryptocurrency support in firmware 1.6.0



After the process is done, go lớn and tải về the Universal Client of Nano Wallet, which is a simple website interface for NEM.

Extract the zip tệp tin and start the application or web-page. (In this guide, we are using the Universal Client together with Chrome.) You will be greeted with the simple and clean NanoWallet interface.


Next, click on Login in the upper right corner &, in the next window, select Login with Confirm the Mainnet selection và clichồng on Next.



A Connect pop-up will appear. Please confirm NEM address export, and unlochồng your with your PIN (& passphrase, if enabled).


The device will now show your NEM address for your trương mục. In our case, it is the Account #1. (Below the address, you can see its derivation path.) Continue the process by clicking on the corresponding button on the device.

Welcome khổng lồ your NEM wallet.

Did you know?NEM is the name of the blockchain, XEM is the name of the cryptocurrency. NEM also features other assets, such as tokens, built on top of its blockchain.

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Receive XEM to your

After unlocking your wallet with, you will be brought to lớn the dashboard of NanoWallet. Here, you will be able to lớn see all your transactions sent from & to lớn your device. On the right side of the screen, you can see detailed information about the market status of XEM. Your trương mục balance is shown in the middle of the top thực đơn.

Now, let’s load your XEM trương mục. Cliông xã on the Account button in the top bar lớn get lớn your trương mục info page. The first entry in account information is your account address. Unlượt thích Bitcoin, in NEM you will only have sầu one address per account. To verify this address, clichồng on Show on button. If the address shown on your device matches the address in the web browser, it is genuine.

Always trust the address generated by the device over an address shown in the browser window.

Send a transaction from NanoWallet

First, open the skết thúc dialogue by clicking on the Skết thúc button in the top menu.

Fill out all required fields, such as the receive address, the amount and optionally the message, which you would lượt thích lớn attach lớn the transaction. When finished, clichồng on sover.

After creating & confirming the transaction in the website interface, the data are sent khổng lồ the Now, verify all the transaction details on the device. First, you will see the amount. Cliông chồng Next to continue. Then, you will see the message attached. If it is correct, cliông xã on Next lớn continue. On the last screen, you are verifying the address. If it is indeed the target recipient, approve sầu and sign the transaction by clicking on Confirm.

That is it! The transaction is sent. You can return khổng lồ the dashboard lớn kiểm tra the outgoing transaction.

Let’s not forget: We owe an immense thanks lớn our community developer Saleem who single-handedly developed support for NEM!

Logging out / Clearing your session

At the over of the day, if you want to lớn loông chồng your wallet, click on the Exit button in the upper right corner of the wallet. As your private keys are securely stored on your, this only stops any eager eye from seeing your trương mục details. Even if you forget to log out at the end of your session, a malicious actor on your computer would only be able to lớn see your balance & your address. Nothing more. They definitely won’t be able khổng lồ steal your XEMs.

Did you know?The keys lớn your NEM assets are backed up under your recovery seed. Same as for all other cryptocurrencies accessed through your When you restore your recovery seed, you are restoring your access khổng lồ all supported cryptocurrencies.

That is it! You can store your XEM and other NEM assets safely on starting today! Hope this guide has helped you! If you need more information regarding the advanced features, please consult the NanoWallet tutorial at Just rethành viên that whenever you are asked for password, private key, or brainwallet, you should use your instead!

About Us Model T is the next-generation hardware wallet, designed with experiences of the original in mind, combined with a modern & intuitive sầu interface for improved user experience and security. It features a touchscreen, faster processor, và advanced coin tư vấn, as well as all the features of the One. One is the most trusted & ubiquitous hardware wallet in the world. It offers an unmatched security for cryptocurrencies, password management, Second Factor, while maintaining an absolute ease-of-use, whether you are a security expert or a brvà new user.

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