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This page lists global currency symbols used lớn denote that a number is a monetary value, such as the dollar sign "$", the Pound sign "£", and the triệu Euro sign "€". This các mục is constantly under development & we rely on input đầu vào from users like you khổng lồ keep it as complete & accurate as possible. If you have any new information on currency symbols, please e-mail us at: currency phá also maintains a full danh sách of ISO 4217 Currency Codes which displays the standard three-letter codes for every currency in the world.

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Country & CurrencyCurrency CodeGraphic Image Font: Code2000Font: Arial Unicode MSUnicode: DecimalUnicode: Hex
Albania LekALL
LekLek76, 101, 1074c, 65, 6b
Afghanistung AfghaniAFN
Argentina PesoARS$$3624info
Arubố GuilderAWGƒƒ402192
nước Australia DollarAUD$$3624
Azerbaijan ManatAZN
Bahamas DollarBSD$$3624
Barbados DollarBBD$$3624
Belarus RubleBYN
BrBr66, 11442, 72
Belize DollarBZDBZ$BZ$66, 90, 3642, 5a, 24
Bermudomain authority DollarBMD$$3624
Bolivia BolívianoBOB
$b$b36, 9824, 62
Bosnia & Herzegovina Convertible MarkBAM
KMKM75, 774b, 4d
Botswana PulaBWP
Bulgaria LevBGNлвлв1083, 107443b, 432
Brazil RealBRL
R$R$82, 3652, 24info
Brunei Darussalam DollarBND$$3624
Cambodia RielKHR
Canada DollarCAD$$3624
Cayman Islands DollarKYD$$3624
Chile PesoCLP$$3624info
China Yuan RenminbiCNY¥¥165a5info
Colombia PesoCOP$$3624
Costa Rica ColonCRC
Croatia KunaHRK
knkn107, 1106b, 6e
Cutía PesoCUP836920b1
Czech Republic KorunaCZK
75, 2694b, 10d
Denmark KroneDKKkrkr107, 1146b, 72info
Dominican Republic PesoDOPRD$RD$82, 68, 3652, 44, 24
East Caribbean DollarXCD$$3624
Egypt PoundEGP££163a3
El Salvador ColonSVC$$3624
Euro Member CountriesEUR
Falklvà Islands (Malvinas) PoundFKP££163a3
Fiji DollarFJD$$3624
Ghana CediGHS
Gibraltar PoundGIP££163a3
Guatemala QuetzalGTQ
Guernsey PoundGGP££163a3
Guyana DollarGYD$$3624
Honduras LempiraHNL
Hong Kong DollarHKD$$3624info
Hungary ForintHUF
FtFt70, 11646, 74
Icelvà KronaISKkrkr107, 1146b, 72
India RupeeINR
Indonesia RupiahIDR
RpRp82, 11252, 70
Iran RialIRR65020fdfc
Isle of Man PoundIMP££163a3
Israel ShekelILS
Jamaica DollarJMD
J$J$74, 364a, 24
Japan YenJPY¥¥165a5info
Jersey PoundJEP££163a3
Kazakhstan TengeKZTлвлв1083, 107443b, 432
Korea (North) WonKPW836120a9
Korea (South) WonKRW836120a9
Kyrgyzschảy SomKGSлвлв1083, 107443b, 432
Laos KipLAK
Lebanon PoundLBP££163a3
Liberia DollarLRD$$3624
Macedonia DenarMKD
денден1076, 1077, 1085434, 435, 43d
Malaysia RinggitMYR
RMRM82, 7752, 4d
Mauritius RupeeMUR836020a8
Mexiteo PesoMXN$$3624info
Mongolia TughrikMNT
Mozambique MeticalMZN
MTMT77, 844d, 54
Namibia DollarNAD$$3624
Nepal RupeeNPR836020a8
Netherlands Antilles GuilderANGƒƒ402192
New Zealand DollarNZD$$3624
Nicaragua CordobaNIO
C$C$67, 3643, 24
Nigeria NairaNGN
Norway KroneNOKkrkr107, 1146b, 72
Oman RialOMR65020fdfc
Pakisrã RupeePKR836020a8
Panama BalboaPABB/.B/.66, 47, 4642, 2f, 2e
Paraguay GuaraniPYG
GsGs71, 11547, 73
Peru SolPENS/.S/.83, 47, 4653, 2f, 2einfo
Philippines PesoPHP836920b1
Pol& ZlotyPLN
122, 3227a, 142
Qatar RiyalQAR65020fdfc
Romania LeuRON
leilei108, 101, 1056c, 65, 69
Russia RubleRUB
Saint Helemãng cầu PoundSHP££163a3
Saudi Arabia RiyalSAR65020fdfc
Serbia DinarRSD

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1044, 1080, 1085, 46414, 438, 43d, 2e
Seychelles RupeeSCR836020a8
Singapore DollarSGD$$3624
Solomon Islands DollarSBD$$3624
Somalia ShillingSOS
South Africa RandZAR
Sri Lanka RupeeLKR836020a8
Sweden KronaSEKkrkr107, 1146b, 72info
Switzerl& FrancCHFCHFCHF67, 72, 7043, 48, 46
Suriname DollarSRD$$3624
Syria PoundSYP££163a3
Taiwan New DollarTWDNT$NT$78, 84, 364e, 54, 24info
Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan BahtTHB
Trinidad và Tobago DollarTTDTT$TT$84, 84, 3654, 54, 24
Turkey LiraTRY
Tuvalu DollarTVD$$3624
Ukraine HryvniaUAH
United Kingdom PoundGBP££163a3
United States DollarUSD$$3624
Uruguay PesoUYU
$U$U36, 8524, 55
Uzbekistan SomUZSлвлв1083, 107443b, 432
Venezuela BolívarVEF
BsBs66, 11542, 73
Viet Nam DongVND
Yemen RialYER65020fdfc
Zimbabwe DollarZWD
Z$Z$90, 365a, 24

Each currency symbol is presented first as a graphic, then in two "Unicode-friendly" fonts: Code2000Arial Unicode MS. The graphic symbol in the first column will always be visible, but the symbols in the other columns may or may not be available, depending on which fonts are installed on your computer.

lưu ý that of the two fonts used above sầu, only Code2000 is complete. The other fonts have missing elements, which will appear as hollow bosathachlaixe.vns. No currency symbol is a hollow box; a hollow box always means that a phông does not contain a symbol for that currency.

If you have both fonts installed, you may notice that the symbols vary slightly in design from one fonts khổng lồ another. This is normal, as there are often multiple accepted ways of rendering a currency symbol. For example, in the United States, the dollar sign is sometimes rendered with two vertical lines, and sometimes with one, both of which are acceptable. (However, in most other parts of the world, a dollar sign with two vertical lines is never used.)

To install the Code2000 font, use the liên kết above sầu to lớn tải về it and save it somewhere on your computer. Then, unzip the downloaded file and read the enclosed LICENSE.TXT file for the details on the shareware terms of use.

To find out how to lớn work with currency symbols in your documents, scroll down to lớn the How To Work With Currency Symbols section.

To view & work with currency symbols on your computer, you first need lớn have sầu fonts installed that are capable of displaying them. The only phông we know of that contains all symbols is the Code2000 shareware font by James Kass. We therefore recommkết thúc that you download & install the Code2000 phông. (See the fonts section above on how to vày this.)

Once the Code2000 phông is installed, you can begin using the symbols in your documents.

Using Currency Symbols in Microsoft Word XPhường / 2003

Start a new document Microsoft Word, or open an existing Word document inlớn which you wish to lớn place the currency symbol.

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Tips và Tricks

Once you have sầu a currency symbol inserted in your document in the Code2000 fonts, you can kiểm tra khổng lồ see if the symbol is available in other fonts. Just highlight the currency symbol và then change the phông. If the symbol is not supported, it will disappear or be replaced by a hollow box. If this happens, just try another fonts, or go bachồng lớn Code2000.




Live sầu Currency Rates

Currency Rate
EUR / USD1.21673
GBP. / EUR1.16206
USD / JPY108.763
GBP / USD1.41391
USD / CHF0.89903
USD / CAD1.20840
EUR / JPY132.336
AUD / USD0.78707