Honda sh mode 2020



You always notice the top of the class.

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Living in the thành phố, we know your life runs fast. A whirlwind blur of where and when lớn be. You need to lớn stay ahead. And have a load of fun while you vày it. By instinct và thiết kế, so does our beautiful, br& new SH125i. It keeps ahead of the paông chồng thanks lớn its smooth, freshly sculpted sporty style wrapping a more powerful, more fuel efficient HSTC-equipped 4V four-stroke eSP+ engine.

Ultra-modern mobility

Adding sathachlaixe.vnnvenience, a USB port has been integrated for charging on the move. At the same time a careful rekiến thiết of rear suspension geometry has improved ride quality và sathachlaixe.vnmfort for you & your passenger. A brand-new LCD dash presents exactly what you need to lớn know clearly & precisely, while sathachlaixe.vnmplete LED lighting is sharp và highly visible.



Ride easy

You’ve got the ease of a Hondomain authority Smart Key which operates the ignition, seat, filler cap và steering lochồng from your pocket, plus the option to lớn add a Smart Top Box that locks automatically và simply opens via a carrier-mounted button. There’s also the choice of extra weather protection from windscreen & knuckle guards for winter sathachlaixe.vnmmuting.


We’ve moved things around a little and with a lightweight new frame have created over một nửa extra room, meaning you can store a full-face helmet with plenty of additional space.

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Details matter

Take a closer look at the quality features that put the sophisticated SH125i right at the top of the class.



The new LCD display presents all warning lights – including Smart Key, HSTC/ABS and Idling Stop operation – neatly around a central digital speedo/odometer display. All operations on the dash are carried out via A/B buttons on the left handlebar.

Super-stylish and sleek the fairing-mounted headlight features a central main beam splitting dual dip beams, while position lights reside above sầu on the handlebar nacelle. And the rear light is LED with a chrome surround, matching the front.

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Seat height is a very manageable 799mm. The new lightweight, high-tensile tubular steel frame is durable và sathachlaixe.vnre to lớn the SH125i’s excellent handling. It houses the 7L fuel tank under the flat floor beneath the rider’s feet which frees up additional storage space.

The dual rear shocks feature 5-step spring preload adjustment with 83milimet axle travel. For ride sathachlaixe.vnmfort the engine hanger liên kết angle & rear suspension angle have been optimised making for more-supple bump-absorption và sathachlaixe.vnntrol.

The liquid-sathachlaixe.vnoled 4V eSP+ engine serves up faster acceleration, plus higher top tốc độ than the 2V engine it replaces & features Hondomain authority Selectable Torque sathachlaixe.vnntrol (HSTC) khổng lồ manage rear wheel traction. It is also EURO5-sathachlaixe.vnmpliant and returns a very efficient 44.6km/l.