Ferrari 458 Speciale Vs Jaguar Xe Comparison


The 458 Italia has garnered over 30 international awards in its career. It added two further plaudits to that collection at the International Engine of the Year Awards when its V8 was voted “Best Performance Engine” và “Best Engine Above 4 Litres”. The success being enjoyed by the 458 Italia with both critics & public alike crosses all borders

It is an entirely new thiết kế engineered lớn reach a maximum of 9,000 rpm – a first on a road car with this cylinder capacity – with a high 12.5:1 compression ratio & a maximum power đầu ra of 570 cv. This equates to lớn an outstanding power đầu ra of 127 cv/l, a benchmark for a naturally-aspirated production engine.The generous torque available - 540 Nm at 6000 rpm, with over 80 per cent available from 3250 rpm – ensures rapid pick-up from all revs. The specific torque output of 120 Nm/l is another record.

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The design of the engine components has been influenced by the carry-over of racing technology – F1 in particular – for maximum fluid-dynamic efficiency in order lớn achieve both performance and fuel consumption objectives, và meet the most stringent international emissions restrictions. The piston compression height was reduced as per racing engine practice. Similarly, thinner compression rings have been adopted lớn minimise friction between piston và liner. A graphite coating was applied khổng lồ the piston skirt for the same reason.

Two pick up oil from the cylinder heads & front and rear of the engine via dedicated oil recovery ducts outside the crankcase area, và two pick up oil from below the crank throws. The recovery ducts of the latter are interconnected in two groups of four cylinders to lớn optimise the scavenge function & create a strong vacuum (800 mbar) around the crankshaft.

This solution prevents excess oil splashing out of the sump & onto the rotating crankshaft & thus reduces power loss caused by friction. It also reduces losses due to lớn windage caused by the pumping kích hoạt of the pistons.

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The engine oil pressure pump features variable displacement geometry which reduces the amount of power nguồn absorbed at high revs. Lowering the pump’s displacement actually increases the nguồn available at the crankshaft for the same amount of fuel used.

As is traditional for engines, the new V8 is equipped with continuously variable timing on both inlet & exhaust cams. The aluminium intake manifold has been lightened by reducing the wall thickness. It has short, almost straight inlet tracts khổng lồ reduce losses và a system that varies the geometry of the manifold, optimising the volumetric efficiency throughout the rev range. This is achieved by incorporating three pneumatic throttle valves in the central section between the two plenums. The engine mapping provides four different configurations of the valves for optimum torque values at all revs.


The use of GDI with Split Injection improves engine performance by modulating the injection in two phases, increasing combustion efficiency and the torque at low revs (by up to lớn 5 per cent). A high injection pressure (200 bar) guarantees adequate pulverisation of the petrol và an optimal air/fuel set right up lớn 9000 rpm. This feature again results in better performance và lower fuel consumption. The exhaust system was designed lớn provide the kind of thrilling soundtrack owners of’s V8s are used to whilst also guaranteeing high levels of acoustic comfort. One of the main objectives with the exhaust was lớn reduce weight. The catalytic converter is attached khổng lồ the central section of the exhaust by a flexible element to reduce the amount of vibration transmitted và to thus allow thinner metal to lớn be used. Similarly the pre-catalytic converter has been eliminated, lowering overall weight và reducing back pressure whilst still respecting strict triệu euro 5 and LEV2 emissions.

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The technology is based on the independent management of even & odd gears which are pre-selected using two separate input đầu vào shafts. The gear shifting time (the overlap between the opening and closing phases of the two clutches) is zero và thus there is no interruption of engine torque to the driven wheels. Compared lớn the California gearbox, response times have been reduced and the 458 Italia has specific, sportier gear ratios to lớn match the power & torque curves of the new V8, guaranteeing high torque even at lower revs. The E-Diff 3 electronic differential has also been integrated into the gearbox, resulting in a more compact & lighter unit.