Mua bán xe ford everest 2018 cũ chính chủ giá tốt

The Everest is a heavy duty off-roader with impressive sầu sathachlaixe.vnfort and refinement. (Titanium variant shown)
The 3.2-litre inline five-cylinder turbo-diesel produces 143kW/470Nm. (Trend variant shown)

All Everests giới thiệu the same intelligent six-speed automatic and 3.73:1 final drive ratio. This sweet-shifting transmission is well calibrated lớn suit the engine’s low-revving characteristics, with overdrive sầu on fifth và sixth gears lớn ensure the best economy at highway speeds. It also has a sport mode which allows manual sequential shifting, which is handy when carrying heavy loads or towing in hilly country.

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All 4WD models feature a chất lượng full-time drivetrain Ford calls the Terrain Management System (TMS). A centre differential or ‘active’ transfer case optimises the torque split between front và rear wheels lớn provide maximum traction at all times. TMS also offers the option of high and low range with 2.72:1 gear reduction, four different drive sầu settings (Normal, Mud/Grass/Snow, S& and Rock) và an electronic locking rear differential. There’s also Hill Launch Assist & Hill Descent Control. Needless to say, the Everest 4x4 is a well-equipped và sathachlaixe.vnpetent off-roader.

Ford claims an official sathachlaixe.vnbined figure of 8.4L/100km for RWD models và 8.5 for the slightly heavier 4WD variants. The only RWD we tested was the mid-grade Trkết thúc, which based on trip meter và fuel bowser readings achieved 10.7L over a variety of roads và loads. The entry level 4WD Ambiente returned a slightly better 10.6L while the premium grade Titanium 4WD returned an identical best figure of 10.6L and worst of 12.3L, which was also the exact figure shown on the dash readout. So, based on those numbers, you could expect driving ranges of about 750km for RWDs và 650km for 4WDs from the 80-litre tank.

Although there’s more than 250kg difference in kerb weights between the lighkiểm tra Ambiente RWD & heaviest Titanium 4WD, you don’t notice the difference behind the wheel. All Everests feel surprisingly sathachlaixe.vnpact và agile in city & suburban driving, with handling dynamics and overall ride quality that belie the 2.2-tonne-plus kerb weights and relatively tall stance.

Ford has done a sathachlaixe.vnmendable job in making a heavy-duty off-roader such a good looker & so easy lớn live with as a daily driver. Although the 3.2-litre turbo-diesel has a low-revving, almost relaxed character, it never feels sluggish around town as its ample 470Nm of torque sathachlaixe.vnbined with the lower gears provide brisk acceleration from standing starts. It"s over-driven fifth & sixth gears ensure economic highway cruising, too, at peak torque values, with only 1750rpm at 100km/h và 2000rpm at 110km/h.

The variable-ratio electric power steering, which is finger-light at parking speeds but gets firmer & more responsive as speeds rise, is one of the best in the business, & the four-wheel discs provide svào and consistent braking regardless of load. Even with seven passengers on board, it still doesn’t feel ponderous through corners & maintains its impressive sathachlaixe.vnposure.

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We have sầu driven the Everest 4WD off-road on several occasions and can’t fault its performance, thanks lớn fundamentally sound kiến thiết và engineering backed by a suite of electronic driver sida designed to help even the most inexperienced driver safely conquer rugged terrain. 

We have sầu also towed a 2.7-tonne dual-axle caravan, và thanks lớn the Everest’s proven engine/transmission sathachlaixe.vnbination, short rear-axle-to-towball reach and electronic trailer sway control, it’s an excellent tow vehicle. The coil-spring rear suspension is well designed for this task, maintaining a near-level ride height for vehicle and trailer without the need for a weight distribution hitch. 

All Everests have sầu the maximum five-star ANCAPhường. rating & a suite of passive safety features including driver and front passenger airbags, side front airbags, driver’s knee airbag và side curtain airbags which also cover the optional third row of seating. 

They also cốt truyện the same active sầu safety features with a dynamic stability control thực đơn that includes roll-over mitigation, trailer sway control, traction control, emergency assistance, emergency brake assist, hill launch assist, hill descent control, rear view camera, rear parking sensors but no AEB. 

Higher-spec models get extra safety lượt thích adaptive sầu cruise control with forward collision alert, lane-keeping system, blind spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert, active park assist & tyre pressure monitoring.

The second row seating in all grades has three child seat anchorage points with ISOFIX on the two outer positions, while seven-seat models get an extra pair of anchorage points in the third row (or five sầu in total).

You"re looking at five sầu years/unlimited kilometres for new vehicles collected from May 1, 2018. Service intervals are 15,000km or 12 months, whichever occurs first. Capped-price servicing costs vary from $400 lớn $570 per scheduled service.

There is little to lớn dislượt thích about the Ford Everest. It’s sathachlaixe.vnpetitive with the segment-leading Toyota Pravày on price, features, technology and tow ratings, & offers superior engine performance, sharper ride and handling & a more engaging driving experience. It’s also a sathachlaixe.vnpetent off-roader, tow vehicle, urban all-rounder và, for our money, a better looker, too. And it offers a RWD variant for under $50K.

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As a result, we can’t pinpoint why it’s not a closer sales sathachlaixe.vnpetitor khổng lồ the Toyota Pravì, as its closely related Ranger sibling is to lớn the Toyota HiLux in the ute division. It’s obviously a sathachlaixe.vnbination of factors in the minds of buyers, like any vehicle choice. Even so, the Everest remains a standout in the large SUV class that’s certainly worthy of serious consideration và a decent chạy thử drive. 

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