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More InformationBrandMaterialPositionSizeDiameterWidthLugsBolt PatternOffsetStylePart NumberFinishYearMakeModelProduct NumberShort DescriptionSKU
Factory OEM
18" x 8.5"
5 Double Spoke
T4N4802, T4N13697
Machined with Charcoal
This is a 18" Factory OEM rim for a 2017 Jaguar XE. This is the rear wheel on the vehicle.

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This Factory OEM Jaguar ryên ổn comes equipped on a 2017 Jaguar XE. This is an aluminium wheel with a diameter of 18" width of 8.5". This Jaguar XE wheel has 5 lug holes và a bolt pattern of 108milimet. The offmix of this Jaguar XE ryên is 55milimet. The corresponding OEM part number for this rlặng is Jaguar part number(s): T4N4802, T4N13697. The Machined with Charcoal finish on this wheel has been refinished khổng lồ brvà new condition. This Jaguar wheel is definitely the right wheel lớn get your 2017 XE on the road in style. This Jaguar XE wheel is a Factory OEM wheel.

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The wheel has been professionally refinished lớn lượt thích new condition in both quality và performance, making it a perfect match lớn your Jaguar stoông xã rims. All of our wheels are remanufactured lớn meet or exceed SAE & ASTM wheel testing standards. This ensures that not only does the wheel look lượt thích a new wheel off the Jaguar assembly line, but it performs lượt thích one too. Do not forget a Jaguar center cap & a XE TPMS sensor khổng lồ really complete your new wheel. We also offer wheel và tire packages with new br& name tires, new TPMS sensors, and new center caps that will fit your Jaguar XE wheel. We install the sensor as well as mount & balance the tire before shipping, so you receive Jaguar wheels that are road ready. If you are interested, please inquire with one of our customer service representatives, and we would be happy to lớn put together the right package for you.All of our Factory OEM wheels are backed by our Auto Ryên ổn Shop guarantee. Our guarantee ensures you receive sầu the best possible quality wheel. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to lớn accept a return on your Jaguar wheel in unused condition within 30 days of delivery. Please just let our customer service center know and we will be happy to lớn make things right.