Sym Wolf Classic 150Cc Motorcycle


We usually think of the Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd — better known khổng lồ us as SYM — as a scooter company, so when looking at their little Wolf Classic 150, I expected ...well, I expected less than what I saw. Unlượt thích the Wolf 125 và 250 released in Asian markets that had a definite sport-xe đạp look, the Wolf Classic has a UJM styling reminiscent of the imports baông xã in the late ’60s & early ’70s. Does it look lượt thích the old Hondas? It should.SYM made the Honda 125s for a few decades back so they are well acquainted with the style.

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Not enough oomph for the interstate, so keep it around town or on the slower state highways và you'll benefit from the good fuel economy.
With a low, low price tag, the Wolf Classic feels lượt thích a disposable xe đạp with its sticker-badging complete with air bubbles trapped in the adhesive, but in a saving grace, the fenders are metal instead of plastic, so kudos for that. Instrumentation is minimal: a can for a speedometer và a can for a tach, but honestly, you don’t need more than that. This is low-tech with a no-nonsense approach, so easy-to-read analog dials are adequate và fit with the retro styling.

While a top speed of 65 mph might be fast enough for SYM’s main markets in Asia và the Pacific, it isn’t nearly fast enough for our interstates. As a commuter, keep it around town or on the slower state highways & you’ll benefit from the good fuel economy.

Seating is surprisingly comfortable và the clip-on handlebars that normally don’t have sầu any pullbaông chồng somehow work khổng lồ create an upright riding position, I’m sure afforded by the short wheelbase of only 49 inches. Seat height is a respectable 30 inches, low enough for all but the shorchạy thử of riders to lớn flatfoot at a stop.



Normally I would cringe at a drum brake, but this is a rather light machine & the drum bolsters the dated look SYM was going for.
Built khổng lồ emulate the looks of the original standard UJM models, the Wolf runs on a steel, single-downtube, stressed-engine frame that keeps the bones simple, light and clean. Telescopic hydraulic, right-way-up forks support the front kết thúc, và the forks come with gaiters that not only protect the swept area of the fork tubes & the seals in the sliders, but also add to lớn the classic charm of this little xe đạp.

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The traditional layout continues in baông xã with a yoke-style swingarm và chromed, coil-over shocks with dual-rate springs and preload adjusters. Clip-on bars make the connection between rider & fork, và leave the tripletree clean without risers & clamp cluttering up the works.

SYM threw on a twin-piston-and-anvil caliper to lớn pinch the 240 milimet front brake disc, & rear-wheel braking duties fall to lớn the 130 milimet diameter, mechanical rear-drum brake. Normally I would cringe at that, but this is a rather light machine at only 266 pounds, & the drum does bolster the dated look SYM was going for here, so the Wolf gets a pass.

Polished aluminum, wire-laced rims mount the 18-inch front và 17-inch rear hoops; another thiết kế feature that plays right inkhổng lồ the classic ’70s UJM theme.

Frame:Front Suspension:Rear Suspension:Front Brakes:Rear Brakes:Front Tires:Rear Tires:Wheel:
High Strength Steel
Telescopic Fork
Swing Arm
Disk (240mm)
Drum (130mm)
2.75 - 18
3.00 - 17


I know folks will gig it for not having fuel injection, but the carb is all part of the KISS overall attitude.
A 149.4 cc, four-cycle thumper serves as the beating heart for the Wolf Classic. Air cooling precludes the need for a radiator, & keeps the engine as simple và light as possible while preserving the cleanliness of the look.An over-head cam actuates the valves, eliminating the mechanical losses associated with pushrod valvetrains, and the little mill runs with a 9.6-to-1 compression ratio, so yeah, the Wolf has an appetite for 90 octane fuel or better. While it does provide 85 mpg, the need for premium fuel will eat into lớn the savings inherent with that kind of mileage somewhat.

Although the Wolf mill comes with push-button electric start, SYM added on a kickstarter for backup, & I’m sure for the nostalgic appeal as well. I love having that redundancy, & who doesn’t look cool kickstarting a bike?

A good, old-fashioned carburetor controls aspiration, and keeps emissions within DOT, EPA and CARB standards, và its even clean enough to lớn be certified for sale in California, which is more than many small engines can clayên. I know folks will gig it for not having fuel injection, but the carb is all part of the KISS (keep is simple, stupid) overall attitude.

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The plant generates 9.04 pound-feet of torque at 9,000 rpm, backed up by 14.79 horsepower at 8,500 rpm; not exactly earth shattering, but again I point out the 266 pound net weight. These numbers give sầu the Wolf a top speed of around 65.5 mph, though I’m sure that changes a bit when you factor in rider & passenger weight, altitude, & headwinds & tailwinds. Low power also means low weight rating. You, your passenger & your gear shouldn’t exceed 360 pounds or you’ll never get this baby up an incline without a little Fred-Flintstone action.