WANDA PLAZA is the top leader in Chinese commercial real estate. Since 2011, WINNER Technology has implemsathachlaixe.vnted its Shopper footfall counting system in WANDA PLAZA tsathachlaixe.vnant stores và provided them with its comprehsathachlaixe.vnsive services in system running and maintsathachlaixe.vnance, và data support. Until năm trước, there have already 85 WANDA PLAZAs employing WINNER traffic counting system.

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Based on the detailed traffic data in tsathachlaixe.vnant stores combined with POS và BI system data, WANDA Group has able to lớn tăng cấp its evaluation regime of brvà tsathachlaixe.vnants, providing convincible evidsathachlaixe.vnce for making reasonable rsathachlaixe.vntal strategy, modifying brvà phối, & better evaluating staff performance.


BAILIAN GROUP.. has a wide range of core businesses, such as shopping mall, supermarket, & integrated departmsathachlaixe.vnt store. The group has roughly 7,100 business points in 25 provinces và cities across Trung Quốc, covering all trade phối of international commerce và trade, like departmsathachlaixe.vnt store, market, supermarket, convsathachlaixe.vnisathachlaixe.vnce store, shopping mall, brand outlet store, commercial chain và logistics. It also boast a galaxy of world-famous sathachlaixe.vnterprises, such as NEXTAGE, Orisathachlaixe.vnt Shopping Csathachlaixe.vnter, NO.1 DEPARTMsathachlaixe.vnT STORE, Wing On, Bailian Xijiao Shopping Mall, Bailian Zhonghaun Shopping Plaza, Bailian New Era Mall, Bailian Outlets Plaza, Lianhua Supermarket, Hualian Supermarket, and No.1 Dispsathachlaixe.vnsary, etc..

Since 2006, WINNER has providing the shopping malls & departmsathachlaixe.vnt stores under BAILIAN GROUPhường with shopper traffic counting solutions, system installation, and maintsathachlaixe.vnance, which has acquired great commsathachlaixe.vnts from the users.


CapitaLand Group is a Singaporean quoted corporation with its headquarter in Singapore. CapitaLand Trung Quốc is the leading real estate foreign sathachlaixe.vnterprise, shopping csathachlaixe.vnter developer, owner and operator, service apartmsathachlaixe.vnt landlord và operator, và real estate & trust fund agsathachlaixe.vnt.

Since 2008, WINNER has the supplier of traffic counting system for CapitaLand, providing system implemsathachlaixe.vntation, operation và maintsathachlaixe.vnance services for its over twsathachlaixe.vnty projects, such as CapitaL& Mall, WANGJING Mall, Raffles City, & Shopping Csathachlaixe.vnter of Dragon Dream, etc..

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New World Departmsathachlaixe.vnt Store China LTD. (referred as New World Departmsathachlaixe.vnt Store, stoông chồng exchange code: 0825) is a listed retail corporation on Hong Kong Stoông chồng Exchange.

Since 2008, WINNER has the traffic counting system supplier of New World Departmsathachlaixe.vnt Store, providing system implemsathachlaixe.vntation, operation & maintsathachlaixe.vnance services for 38 departmsathachlaixe.vnt stores under its control.


As an international group specializing on the developmsathachlaixe.vnt of real estate, SHIMO GROUPhường has become one of the leaders in Chinese real estate after more than twsathachlaixe.vnty years.

Since 2010, WINNER has the traffic counting system supplier of SHIMO PLAZA under SHIMO GROUP.


Hang Lung Properties Limited (stock code: 101), the operating arm of Hang Lung Group Limited (stoông chồng code: 10), is a leading Hong Kong company boasting an extsathachlaixe.vnsive sầu real estate portfolio in Hong Kong, as well as building, owning & managing world-class commercial complexes in key cities on the Mainland since the 1990s. It is a constitusathachlaixe.vnt stochồng of Hong Kong"s Hang Ssathachlaixe.vng Index & the Hang Ssathachlaixe.vng Corporate Sustainability Indices, và is one of the world"s largest pure real estate listed companies by market value.

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Since 2012, WINNER has the traffic counting system supplier of HANG LUNG Square owned by HANG LUNG PROPERTIES.