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toàn quốc ứng dụng is easy and không tính tiền to use without watermarks. VN’s friendly interactive experience, quiông xã importing video clip materials and powerful editing feature to lớn make your editing more efficient. Beginner can get started quickly và make a satisfying đoạn Clip. Professionals has satisfied with the editing needs. Everyone can create high-unique đoạn phim efficiently và giới thiệu amazing life with friends. Humanized Interactive Interface Smoothly import đoạn Clip to lớn nước ta phầm mềm with user-friendly editing interface. Easy to zoom with your finger. Accurately select the key frame that needs to be cut in 0.05s. Swipe up và down to delete the clip; long press clips to drag & swap the sort. Support multiple videos & pictures put together into lớn the đoạn phim without any limitation of duration. Automatically save each step for you và allow you lớn continue editing unfinished video clip anytime, anywhere during the editing process, Humanized voice recording interaction, easy khổng lồ record narration to make video more interesting. Easy to preview your work during the editing process.More Cool & Special Effects In addition lớn the regular shifting, đất nước hình chữ S supports curve sầu shifting, which is easy khổng lồ achieve the effects of đoạn Clip tốc độ. Provide 6 preset curves for your reference. More than 9 types, 50 kinds of movie-sensitive filter. Adjust the filter parameters by yourselves to lớn achieve your favorite color tone. More than 9 built-in transition modes to lớn choose, such as dissolve, blur etc. Adjust transition time speed so that your đoạn Clip will not be too monotonous. The Reverse function makes Clip more interesting. 6 zoom modes are available khổng lồ choose. By adding keyframes lớn text, stickers, videos và other materials, you can easily create accurate animation effects. 19 "animation" presets for you to lớn easily achieve sầu cool đoạn phim effects.

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Add your own videos, photos, stickers, và "keyframe" animations to lớn make your videos more chất lượng.Free to lớn Import Materials Support importing music, sound effects, fonts, & stickers through AirDrop and Wi-Fi. Easily meet your needs for Clip creation. Support Zip batch importing lớn đất nước hình chữ S. Add music beats on the music trachồng khổng lồ make đoạn Clip more rhythmic. Support adding multiple music & sound effects. Freely drag and adjust the playing time and adjust the sound volume independently. Creative Template Create music and video clip template lớn make cool rhythm đoạn phim. Use đất nước hình chữ S "Default Story" or create "My Story" to lớn write a story based on script thinking. Add photos và videos to lớn your story, and take a few easy steps to create your Vlog.

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Select any picture of the Clip và generate a 1.5s picture to lớn easily make a “time pause” effect.More Fancy Subtitles Customize animations with keyframes or presets khổng lồ make your subtitles more interesting. Contain a variety of subtitle types, & the text form size, position and rotation angle are freely adjustable.

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More than 10 fonts và 40 colors built in. Support transparency adjustment, and you can choose from a variety of styles. Adjust the duration of the material by dragging and dropping.HD Quality Video Customize resolution & frame rate. Support 4K resolution and 60 fp/s và save sầu locally. Support sharing to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, và other platforms. Việt Nam ứng dụng is not only your life recorder, but also makes you become your own life director. Memorize your amazing moments in toàn nước and enjoy the fun of video clip with a different refreshing way. Discord:丨TG丨FB: