Viet Nam Racing Girl

Nguyen Gia Bao is the first Vietnamese female racer lớn officially participate in the FIA ​​Motorsport Games in the category of tự động hóa Slalom.

Nguyen Gia Bao has become the first Vietnamese female racer khổng lồ participate in the FIA Motorsport Games, with the 2022 version of the sự kiện underway at Circuit Paul Ricard in La Castellet of Marseille in France.

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Racer Nguyen Gia Bao. Source: CNoto

Bao, who is the first Vietnamese professional racer licensed by FIA, competed in the tự động hóa Slalom category. She is also the first Vietnamese woman to join the FIA"s Women In Motorsport Commission.

This year, FIA Motorsport Games attracts many famous racers from 76 countries và territories globally.

According to lớn FIA website, tự động hóa Slalom is a race against the stopwatch through a series of low-to-medium speed corners at the famous French racetrack, during which the fastest competitors will run against each other to earn gold, silver, or bronze medals for their nation in a discipline encouraging equality và diversity through compulsory female/male pairings.

Joining the fight for an tự động Slalom medals will be teams from Germany, Peru, Poland, Nepal, Lithuania, Gesathachlaixe.vnia, Belgium, Brazil, Ukraine, Chinese Taipei, India, Latvia, Estonia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Hungary, Kosovo, Croatia, Israel, Slovenia và Vietnam.

Racer Nguyen Gia Bao. Source: Thanh Nien newspaper

Gia Bao was a famous racer in the Vietnamese sports community. Since 2012, she has set goals và a roadmap to conquer tournaments according to lớn her ability from domestic to regional & international.

In order to realize the challenging goal, she actively trains for 4 hours a day, gets used to lớn the environment, the actual competition weather, & implements a rigorous technical training regimen to lớn be able lớn strong strength and spirit, in order khổng lồ conquer the tốc độ race in France. Being able lớn participate in the FIA ​​Motorsport Games this time is the sweet fruit of her many years of efforts.

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Racer Nguyen Gia Bao. Photo: VNA

Gia Bao said: "Participating in this competition, I vày not phối high goals for achievement. This is an opportunity lớn learn và connect, so that the Vietnam"s national red flag would appear on the international sports bản đồ of Motorsport.”

Accompanying this tournament, she also received active support from the FIA"s representative agency in Vietnam - Motor Vehicle Sports Association Co., Ltd (VMA LLC).

Nghiem Anh Quan, President of ASN of FIA in Vietnam - shared her thoughts on the event.

“This tournament is one of the important tournaments in the development plan of Motorsport in Vietnam of VMA LLC. Because of the specific competition rules of the category, each team needs khổng lồ have enough male và female riders. Gia Bao is the only female racer who meets the requirements. This is also an opportunity khổng lồ bring Vietnamese sports oto racing closer to lớn world motorsport."

After more than 10 years of experience participating in learning & rubbing with the international motorsport culture, Gia Bao said she hopes to soon sathachlaixe.vnanize major events professionally of international stature in Vietnam. Aims to lớn connect the community passionate about tốc độ sports và gradually bring Motorsport Vietnam to lớn develop closer lớn other countries in the region.

Team Italy have been crowned winners of the 2022 FIA Motorsport Games thanks to a total of three gold medals in Rally4, Historic Rally và KCMG Formula 4.

The NewStar Trophy went khổng lồ Team Germany for scoring the best results in Karting Endurance, Karting Sprint Junior, Karting Slalom, auto Slalom, Cross oto Junior and Fanatec Esports.

There were also regional trophies awarded to lớn South Africa (Africa), australia (Asia), Peru (Americas), Italy (Europe) & Kuwait (MENA).

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