a machine, usually with wheels and an engine, used for transporting people or goods, especially on land:
In a racing đoạn phim game the player takes part in a racing competition with land, air, or sea vehicles.

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a show, film, exhibition, etc. that is used to show the special skills or qualities of one particular performer or artist:
a vehicle for sth Strong leadership was seen as the major vehicle for bringing about successful change.

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a savings/investment vehicle The company has announced the launch of new internet investment vehicles for Asia, Europe, & Latin America.
As the cost of robotic vehicles goes down and their form size becomes more compact the number of military & industrial applications of multi-robot systems increases.
They serve as a vehicle for mobilising support và most importantly perhaps, as agents of elite recruitment.
Liposomes are lipid membrane particles that serve as vehicles or delivery systems for vaccine antigens.
We describe the results of a case-control study & environmental investigation into lớn the source and vehicle(s) responsible for this outbreak.
The results of some of the motion-planning simulations conducted on a 6-dof vehicle are also given in this section.
For simplithành phố, each vehicle is assumed khổng lồ be symmetric about the longitudinal plane, so only half of the front and rear view is drawn.
They therefore seek lớn invest economically more efficiently through other vehicles such as public offer funds.
Every modern democracy has elected legislatures and political parties, each of which is a vehicle for a specific type of representation.