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A major concern for most travelers in Vietnam is avoiding falling prey to taxi scams. Guide books constantly warn about it and, while it’s not as bad as it once was, it is still something that happens fairly regularly…if you’re not careful.

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But if you stick with the major taxi companies in Hanoi, you should never have an issue. So if you’re wondering which xe taxi in Hanoi you can feel safe getting into, here’s my list. After living here for over 2.5 years, these are the cabs I feel 100% comfortable hailing from the street:

Mai Linh Taxi – Mai Linh taxis are available all over the country at this point. Their published fare is a little more expensive than other taxis, but they have a reputation for quality and I’ve never had an issue with them.Thanh Cong – This company has invested a ton of money into upgrading their fleet. I’ve seen the transformation firsthand. They’re a bit cheaper & reliable in my experience. I believe they’re only available in Hanoi.Airport taxi Group – These taxis are expensive compared to lớn other brands but reliable. Their published fare is definitely high, but you won’t be charged more than that.

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Safety, Quality. Who could say no???

In a pinch, I’ll also get in ABC Taxis, though my friends have mentioned some issues with them. I’ve personally never had a problem.

Tips for Staying Safe in Taxis in Hanoi

To help ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible, follow these tips:

Note the driver’s information. It should be displayed on the dashboard. You can just jot it down as a note in your phone.Make sure that they use the meter (and that it starts fresh). Also, keep an eye on it khổng lồ make sure it doesn’t jump.Use Google Maps (if you have 3g) to make sure they’re taking you on a sensible route.

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Best Plan? Skip the Taxis và Use an App

While I shared my taxi company picks above, I don’t actually use taxis in Hanoi anymore. Why’s that? Because of two điện thoại apps:


Both are incredibly popular in Hanoi & also affordable. So if you have a điện thoại with 3g, don’t even worry about taxi scams. Just use Uber or Grab to lớn get a car. You’ll know exactly how much your trip will cost ahead of time and both Uber & Grab will ensure that if you do have any issues, they’re fairly dealt with.