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Cindy phường from MichiganMy absolute favorite S & G song, love every single thing about it! My personal take on the lyrics is that he is the Boxer & "life" is the opponent. The verses take us through some life experiences which have left their scars (the reminders of every glove that laid him down or cut him til he cried out) & his despair makes him want lớn give up & leave. But the *fighter* still remains, which is kinda what life is about. Brilliant, brilliant songBob Becker from WisconsinNotice the rare use of a bass harmonica at the lyrics "When I left my home....ragged people go." and again at "In a clearing...Or cut him." Also, I find the couple bar chord variation at "...aren"t beeding me. Bleeding me...." quite beautiful.Max from BerlinI would lượt thích to know why it is "THOUGH my story"s seldom told"... Isn"t it normal for poor boys that their stories are not told very often? Shouldn"t it be "SO my stroy"s seldom told"? Don"t get me wrong here, I know that it is "though". Howvever the more you think about that word the less sense it makes in that context. I am just a slow runner, though I haven"t won much races.... I am just a simple man, though I haven"t written any books... I am just a poor boy, though my story"s seldom told....Alan from From MassachusettsI was born & raised in new york City, married there, và my first child was born there. I did not move to lớn Massachusetts until 1975, so the first thirty years of my life were spent in New York. I married in August 1969. While dating my fiancée and I loved to go khổng lồ the theater to see Broadway shows. One evening after parking my car, my fiancée & now my wife were walking hand in hand along Seventh Avenue when I was approached by a prostitute who accosted me & offered me her services, which I refused with a short retort of: “No! Thanks.” So, yes there were female prostitutes in the 1960’s until the 1990’s, when through eminent domain name the area was rehabilitated.So here’s the topography lesson. Seventh Avenue runs due North from Varick Street in West Greenwich Village through Harlem ending about 155th Street at the Macombs Dam Bridge which spans the Harlem River to Yankee Stadium. The area between West 34th Street và West 42nd Street is the Garment District. Seventh Ave and Broadway crisscross at 42nd forming Times Square until West 47th Street.

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That entire area is the Theater District. From 1960 khổng lồ 1980 the area became seedy. Beginning in the 1980s & through the 1990s the area was rehabilitated. So that’s the story.Jeni from Ottawa. CanadaI have always (60"s-now) thought that Whores on Seventh avenue meant Fashion Whores!Jennifur SunSam Williams if you go to lớn wici it gives the names of the players on the songHobart Smedley from BugtussleHere"s a link showing several pictures of male child prostitutes on 7th avenue in the 1970"s -- not female whores, but hardly the business boulevard that some of you goobers think it"s always been. Http:// Smedley from BugtussleWhoever think that 7th Avenue never had whores obviously doesn"t know anything about new york City in the 1960"s. It passes right through Times Square, which was full of hookers before it became a Disney outpost. Simon wasn"t being metaphorical. He was just referring lớn prostitutes. Sheesh.Gary from NyI always wondered whether or not the beginning of the instrumental section quotes the Fanfare melody before the Olympic Theme (The Bugler"s Dream, later leading into the Olympic Theme by John Williams.) May sound far-fetched, but ABC first used the Fanfare for the 1968 Games and The Boxer was also recorded in 1968. Perhaps the melody was in Simon"s head & he thought to quote it as a triumphant boxer (in his own mind at least) has risen through the ranks.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn October 18th 1975, Paul Simon hosted the second episode of the NBC-TV program "Saturday Night Live"...With Art Gunfunkel; he performed "The Boxer", six years earlier on April 6th, 1969 it entered Billboard"s Hot top 100 chart at position #51, and on May 11th, 1969 it peaked at #7 for 1 week & spent 10 weeks on the top 100... On the same "SNL" show the duo performed "My Little Town"; at the time it was at #81 và in its first week on the vị trí cao nhất 100, & eight weeks later it peaked at #9 for 1 week & stayed on the chart for 14 weeks.Jim from Boston, MaAll these people trying to lớn explain what was meant by "the whores on 7th Avenue." I swear, nobody reads poetry any more. If you did, you"d know that this song, like all poetry, is not a literal phrase by phrase diary of somebody"s life. It"s *poetry*. It"s allusive, discursive, suggestive. So much depends on the flow, the metre, you start here you over up you know not where. Sam Williams from Sherman Oaks, CaI always thought the explosion snare hits in the chorus were supposed khổng lồ represent the Boxer getting hit in a boxing match (although I could be wrong, and I"ve always wondered who played the piccolo trumpet and the bass harmonica, and not to lớn mention the steel guitar, incredibly brilliant và unusual instrumentation for a pop song) Howard from Bedminster, NjI think you are mixing up The JFK/RFK/MLK memorial scene from Songs of America where they play Bridge over Troubled Water with the Boxer.Lonewulf from Tampa, Fl