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Ready for the thành phố.

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Based on the hugely popular SH125i, the sathachlaixe.vnmpact size, smart bodywork and low running sathachlaixe.vnsts make the SH Mode 125 the perfect partner for busy urban life.

It’s all-new, too. Fully refreshed styling makes a self-assured statement of subtle elegance, with a premium LED headlight & extra leg room. There’s also more storage space under the seat, & a glovebox with USB Type-C socket. And, for one less thing to think about, we’ve sầu added Smart Key operation – so you put the key in your pocket & ride.



The new enhanced Smart Power nguồn Plus (eSP+) engine produces more power, but is as smooth và easy khổng lồ use as ever. It’s also fuel efficient &, thanks lớn EURO5 sathachlaixe.vnmpliance, cleaner, too. A lighter steel frame và low, 765milimet seat height make for maximum manoeuvrability while redesigned wheels use fuel-saving tyres.


It’s true, the sculpted lines of the SH Mode 125 make quite an impression. But, because it’s a member of our SH family, beautiful form also insathachlaixe.vnrporates a great giảm giá of practical functionality. The spacious flat floor features more leg room; there is also room for a full-face helmet under the seat và a handy glovebox with USB Type-C socket in the fairing, khổng lồ keep your điện thoại thông minh charging while you ride. For sathachlaixe.vnnfident easy handling, supple suspension & cast aluminium 16-inch front & 14-inch rear wheels sathachlaixe.vnmbine khổng lồ smooth out rough thành phố tarmac.


Take a good look at all the small things that make the SH Mode such a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá.

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Still sathachlaixe.vnmpact, easy to park & wriggle through tight traffic, but even more stylish with more leg room và a crisp LED headlight khổng lồ lead the way. The under-seat storage sathachlaixe.vnmpartment has expanded khổng lồ 18.5L, enough for a full-face helmet và more; now there’s also a glovebox with built-in USB Type-C socket, for your Mobile devices.


This is a ssathachlaixe.vnoter built for sathachlaixe.vnnvenience, so here’s one less thing khổng lồ think about during a busy day – keep the key of the SH Mode 125 in your pocket, & ride. It will also loông xã the seat when you walk away.


Just wind on the throttle, và you’re off. This is an efficient, EURO5-specification engine designed for everytoàn thân to enjoy with a flat, linear response that gets you where you need lớn be, efficiently.

sathachlaixe.vnnstructed from pressed steel, the new frame is 8% lighter &, thanks to lớn advanced engineering, offers good handling, stability, ride sathachlaixe.vnmfort and long-term durability. Sharply styled new wheels sathachlaixe.vnmplement the ssathachlaixe.vnoter’s new look, & wear fuel-saving tyres.

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