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General info:

Founded in 2008, không đúng Gon Pet Clinic’s goal was to mở cửa the best animal welfare veterinary clinic in Vietnam. We combine skill và technology khổng lồ ensure your pet gets the best possible care. 

We xuất hiện 7 days a week all year round & offer an emergency out of hours service too. Your pets well being is our đứng đầu priority. 

Senior Veterinarian: Nguyen Van Nghia – DVM, PhD 

Specialist of companion animal medicine, surgery và diagnostic imaging from the University of Bristol – School of clinical veterinary Medicine – England.

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Member of British Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Association

Lecturer of faculty of Veterinary Medicine – nong Lam University – Vietnam

Dr NGUYEN VAN NGHIA opened Saigon Pet Clinic in 2008 after returning from Bristol’s University of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, in the UK. The pet center was opened by a team of international vetrinarians và consultants from Vietnam, nước australia and England và provides comprhensive vetrinary care lớn animals across southern Vietnam. Our mission is khổng lồ keep your pets safe and healthy in a welcoming và friendly clinic. Our team understands the needs và concerns of the owners too & take great care khổng lồ provide you with the best service possible. We have also teame-up with A.R.C (Animal Rescue và care) providing a safe-haven & medical treatment for abused & abandoned cats và dogs, making our community a better place.



Medical Service We would consult in detail on your Pet’s condition, process of treatment (like vaccine, prevention…) together with treatment fee in order for your Pet lớn get the most efficient result.
Relocation consultation Vietnam We can give you specific consultation on the regulations và the laws in specific contries and areas as well as all needed information concerning Pet relocation
Grooming We provide all beauty service including Grooming, nail care, teeth care… with the help of updated & clean techniques…
Pet Items All Pet Items and Food are available at không đúng Gon Pet Clinic. You can always be consulted every essential information regarded khổng lồ your Pet’s nutrition schedule.
Pet hotel With the clean and regularly sterillized cage system, we provide the most comfortable schedule for your Pet, including nutrition schedule, cleaning schedule as well as medications if required
All services available

At không đúng Gon Pet, we can provide you all services related to your pet including medical, treatment, hotel, grooming, relocation, food và all items.

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Professional process

With our experienced và well – trained doctors and experts, together with updated và well functioning technology, we provide your pet the best health caring.

Yes, but only advisable for those in rural areas with no access to lớn proper medical care. Dog owners must consult with the clinic to ensure the vaccine is suitable and administered correctly.

Regular bathing can help reduce the virus & cells your pets pick up outside the home. Consult with a vet prior lớn bathing to ensure you have the most effective shampoo.

Medicines & products containg harsh chemicals should be kept in a safe place which your pets can not access. Other things such as mothballs should be kept out of reach too.

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Chocolate contains large amounts of fat and a stimulant similar khổng lồ caffeine, called methylxanthines. If your dog ingests significant amounts, chocolate can cause many different symptoms, from vomiting, diarrhea, panting, thirst, urination, hyperactivity, heart beating , tremors, convulsions và even death.