The traditional patriarch of Mercedes-Benz’s S-class family finally has arrived. A few eyebrows were raised when Benz unveiled the V-12–powered S65 AMG at the L.A. tự động hóa show in November, all the while the non-Affalterbachian 12-cylinder S600 remained elusive to lớn those outside of Stuttgart. Now that it’s bowed at the Detroit tự động show, perhaps it’s easier khổng lồ underst& why: Displacement and power have swelled compared to lớn its predecessor’s, as has efficiency, & the S600 ushers in some updates lớn the still-baby-faced W222-generation S-class.

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As before, the S600 is subtly differentiated from the rest of the S-class lineup via a slightly re-worked lower fascia, a trio of double-bladed horizontal slats in the massive grille, V-12 badging aft of the front wheels, và AMG-like rectangular quad exhaust outlets. But what really sets the S600 apart from the rest of the range, and its predecessor, is what’s under the hood. Whereas the outgoing twin-turbo 12-pot displaced 5.5 liters, the new mill grows khổng lồ an even six liters—making it the rare Benz whose mã sản phẩm designation actually matches displacement—và power jumps from 510 horsepower to lớn 523. Torque remains at the same 612 lb-ft. All that thrust is transmitted to lớn the rear wheels via a seven-tốc độ torque-converter automatic transmission.

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It’s thanks lớn that new transmission, as well as a new ECU & what we suspect to lớn be some trickery in the engine room, that efficiency advances. EPA estimates aren’t yet available for the S600, but in the buoyant European cycle, fuel economy increases by 21 percent versus the old Mã Sản Phẩm. And yet, the new S600 is capable of sprinting from 0 to lớn 60 mph in 4.6 seconds & achieving an electronically limited top tốc độ of 155 mph—a speed well short of its capabilities, we’re told.

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With the introduction of S600, Mercedes-Benz used the opportunity khổng lồ introduce a number of improvements that will be implemented throughout the S-class lineup: an optional touchpad that overhangs the COMAND knob, as introduced by the 2015 C-class; an optional head-up display that projects tốc độ, navigation info, and warnings directly to the windscreen; a new windshield-heating system; và an upgraded collision-prevention system that now works at speeds of up lớn 124 mph.

And so, when the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 arrives on showroom floors in the spring, it will be the most technologically advanced & luxurious offering in its segment. Well, at least until Mercedes introduces an even longer và more opulent S-class, called Mercedes Maybach, later in the year.


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