Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3

The 2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak makes safety kit standard, & improves connectivity with new smartphone mirroring tech. It"s still good at pretty much everything, too.

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Standardised safety a plus for consumersNew media screen considerably better than beforeUpdated tiện ích connectivityStill great lớn driveSvào drivetrain


Standardised safety kit means price is upNot the greatest payload in this specEngine can be gruff at times
We’ve already waxed lyrical about the assets và abilities of the pre-update version of this ute, but the 2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak takes a good thing & makes it even better.

The most recent changes see the flagship Ford Ranger Mã Sản Phẩm bring additional standard equipment, including increased safety and better connectivity. It sathachlaixe.vnes at a slight cost, though.

The six-speed automatic version of the Ranger Wildtrak we have here now retails at $61,790 plus on-road costs, up from $60,090 for the năm 2016 model. The manual version is up too – it now costs $59,590 (was $57,890).

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Previously you could option a Tech Pack for the Wildtrak at $600, which included the now-standard lane departure warning and steering assistance function, a pre-collision warning system (no autonomous braking though), & adaptive sầu cruise control. No other ute has the same degree of safety tech available, even optionally, so bravo Ford.

Further, a recent update lớn Wildtrak models sees a change in seat trlặng lớn a more stain-resistant fabric, & the seats themselves have sầu less piping và a shorter squab overhang to improve occupant sathachlaixe.vnfort. The cupholders now have sầu 'secure fingers’ to lớn better grip bottles & cups, too.

As well, there’s the new Sync 3 truyền thông system with the lathử nghiệm in-car phone-mirroring tech, meaning Android Aulớn and Apple CarPlay will pop up when you connect your device via USB. There are two USBs to help keep your phone and/or tablet juiced up, not lớn mention a smattering of 12-volt plugs và a 220-volt powerpoint in the rear of the cabin.

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You will or won’t lượt thích the orange trim highlights, but you have lớn admit it makes the Wildtrak stand out from the pachồng, where some sathachlaixe.vnpetitor high-grade utes remain quite blvà. As nice as an Amarok Ultimate is, it doesn’t have sầu the fun factor or, dare we say it, ‘sportiness’ of the Wildtrak.