I decided lớn give another big classic of French dish a try – Pot Au Feu. According lớn Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles cookbook, Pot Au Feu is soul food for socialists. Và if you want to make a Frenchman cry ? Make him a nice bowl of Pot Au Feu.

Pot Au Feu is basically a stew-like dish with big pile of boiled meat và vegetables. I personally think though this dish is good if you have a small bowl of it. The dish is so rich with so much meat that you will easily satisfied with just a small bowl. I asked my hubby if I made him cry (well, he is no Frenchman), he said almost. He said this dish was almost perfect if we didn’t over eat it.lol. Which I totally agreed with him.

It’s a really good dish to cốt truyện with a big crowd