Ống Nhựa Minh Hùng


Over 31 years of development, Minh Hung has become the convergence of strength, experience and capathành phố of many members have been active and longtime in the plastic industry.

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Dear customers, Dear Partners! On behalf of all leaders and employees of Minc Hung Plastic Joint Stochồng Company, I would lượt thích lớn send khổng lồ our valued customers, partners, respectful greetings và the most sincere thanks!

Over 31 years of development, Minch Hung has become the convergence of strength, experience and capacity of many members have sầu been active sầu và longtime in the plastic industry. Since its founding, we have been striving for a market economy and international integration to lớn become a stable & sustainable enterprise that is svào enough to lớn compete with large domestic firms. as international và increasingly satisfy the needs of customers, the most fastidious market. Thanks to lớn the inheritance và application of scientific and technical achievements, advanced technologies in the world in the construction practice, Minc Hung has left a deep impression in many large-scale projects and a brvà full. Reliability of domestic & international contractors.

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Minch Hung is committed to providing customers with maximum satisfaction, diverse products, guaranteed chất lượng, on schedule & reasonable price. Through this, Minc Hung establishes a cchiến bại relationship with the old customers và continuously expand cooperation with new customers at home page & abroad in the fields of their business. We are grateful lớn those who have chosen us as a long-term partner & are pleased to lớn welcome new clients, partners khổng lồ visit, learn & cooperate with the company.

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Look forward khổng lồ the cooperation of customers, partners.

On behalf of the Board of Directors Minc Hung Plastic Company wishing you more health, success and happiness!