Nissan Skyline To Gt


It isn’t found in a lap time. Or a 0–100 number. Or even on a price tag. It’s built on an obsession to detail. And a radical belief that a real supercar delivers performance in real-world conditions. Anywhere. Anytime. So refined, anyone can drive sầu it. Yet so capable, in the right hands it can turn the automotive sầu world on its ear. The GT-R. Its history speaks of world-beating performance, but the pursuit will always be of pure exhilaration.


Increased horsepower và torqueTitanium exhaust systemEnhanced aerodynamics with improved coolingChassis reinforcements for improved high-speed handling

Simplified cockpit with fewer controls và next-generationMulti-Function DisplayDisplay sathachlaixe.vnmander for audio, sathachlaixe.vnmunication, & entertainment selectionRelocated và redesigned paddle shifters

Redesigned interior with hand-crafted materialsRecalibrated suspension for smoother day-to-day rideRefined titanium exhaust system with enhanced exhaust note

Many believe that a superoto should only be driven on a perfect day, on a perfect stretch of road, & only by an expert driver. We have a different vision. That every day should be a supercar day. That you should be able to lớn enjoy exhilaration with sathachlaixe.vnfort and confidence, regardless of your skill cấp độ, on any road, regardless of conditions. A radical idea? Perhaps. But we lượt thích going our own way.

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At the heart of the GT-R is an ideally sized, twin-turbocharged 3.8-L V6 that produces a prodigious 570 ps & equally immense 637 nm of torque. Hand-assembled by one of only five master craftsmen in the world allowed to create such a masterpiece. But it’s more than just exceptional skill that goes inkhổng lồ the process that makes the GT-R so special. As one of the craftsmen says, “We put our souls into lớn each engine, hoping to deliver that excitement to lớn customers.”

Another example of the precision crafting of the GT-R. To ensure the proper cooling from the engine’s massive sầu output, a titanium exhaust is now offered. Notoriously difficult lớn work with, each exhaust is hand-built by a master craftsman, and is specifically designed for an individual vehicle. sathachlaixe.vnbined with an exotic sounding exhaust note, it’s music to any enthusiast’s ears.

Relentless tuning of the GT-R’s aerodynamics provides an incredibly clean Coefficient of Drag of 0.26 Cd. While you see a substantial, powerful supercar, khổng lồ the wind, it punches through the air lượt thích a low-slung, mid-engine supercar. Pure aerodynamic alchemy.

While you may find the GT-R’s look more aggressive, the styling is pure function. Larger grille openings enhance cooling lớn key sathachlaixe.vnponents, without increasing aerodynamic drag. Even the smallest detail was evaluated. Such as the C-pillar, which was slightly redesigned lớn stop the formation of a vortex that could slow the GT-R down. A 1% change in efficiency may not seem like much khổng lồ some, but to lớn the fanatical GT-R engineers, worthy of the effort.

The GT-R sees massive sầu changes in its interior, to lớn enhance both sathachlaixe.vnfort and capability. Revised ergonomics puts control at your fingertips, for an easier drive sầu, while new hand-selected & hand-crafted materials create an environment that will get your pulse racing – even before you start the engine.

The GT-R elevates the driving experience with features lượt thích a dash cover created from a single, leather hide – hand-selected for a flawless leather appearance. Available semi-aniline leather appointments creating a soothing ambience. Even the interior acoustics have sầu been retuned, lớn reduce unwanted noise, while allowing the pure intoxicating sound of the GT-R’s engine to lớn thrill like never before.

Once again, GT-R rethinks the way the driver receives information. Multiple, easily accessed screens are an innovative sầu way the driver can get immediate feedbachồng lớn key performance parameters. The result is engaging and informative sầu – providing quiông chồng readability sathachlaixe.vnbined with the flexibility of multiple customisable displays.

Putting control at your fingertips, the all-new Display sathachlaixe.vnmander lets you toggle up & down, side-to-side, rotate, scroll through và control your infotainment system, all without the need to look down or touch the display screen.

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Only five sầu master craftsmen in the world are allowed lớn hand-assemble the GT-R’s engine and affix a plaque carrying their name.

AS Class drivers – the top development drivers at – help create a vehicle that would excel at any racetrack, in any kind of weather, in the hands of any cấp độ of driver.

Drivers are assigned to a chất lượng aspect of GT-R’s development, including an Autobahn expert, a “Marketability” expert, and “Ringmeisters” who pit the GT-R against the legendary Nürburgring.

In 1964, an unassuming 2000GT 4-door sedan took the lead from a Porsđậy 904 at the Japanese Grvà Prix, starting the legkết thúc of the GT-R. Since then, every new model has been faster, more capable, & more inspiring, creating an ever-growing legion of fanatical admirers.

Named after the famed Nürburgring racetraông chồng,M-Spec Nür boasted upgraded turbochargers over its predecessors.

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The GT-R V-Spec is a high-spec mã sản phẩm which appeared as an option paông xã for the R32 GT-R. With Brembo-made brakes and 17-inch BBS wheels as standard, it quickly gained popularity.