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“Legendary Cổ Loa: Vietnam’s Ancient Capital” (2020). Interview with Tristan Hughes, part of History Hit TV’s podcast series The Ancients

“The Origins of Warfare” (2021). Interview with Trischảy Hughes, part of History Hit TV’s podcast series The Ancients

Areas of Focus

Archaeology, Southeast Asia, Vietphái nam, Complex societies, Warfare


Center for East Asian StudiesCenter for Southeast Asian StudiesVietnam Institute of Archaeology (Hanoi)


I am an anthropological archaeologist interested in sociopolitical complexity, early forms of cities, factors associated with significant cultural change, and the relationship between modern politics, cultural heritage, & the material record. I am especially interested in the cultural contexts & social consequences of organized violence and warfare, as manifested in various cultural, spatial và temporal settings. Much of my recent research has been geographically focused on East and Southeast Asia, & since 2005 I have been conducting archaeological fieldwork in Vietnam giới at the Co Loa settlement in the Red River Delta. A heavily fortified site located near modern-day Hanoi, Co Loa is purportedly connected to Vietnamese legendary accounts & is thus viewed by many as integral to the genesis of Vietnamese civilization. Aside from its historical và national significance, the case of Co Loa is salient for archaeological theory as it constitutes one of the earliest cases for both state formation và urbanism in Southeast Asia.


Emergent Warfare in Our Evolutionary Past (Routledge, 2018)


The Origins of Ancient Vietnam (Oxford University Press, 2015)


Anth 100: General sathachlaixe.vnAnth 102: Archaeology & the Prehistoric WorldAnth 310: Topics in ArchaeologyTopic: Archaeology of East & Southeast AsiaTopic: Archaeology of Southeast AsiaTopic: Archaeology of Violence và WarfareAnth 490: Undergraduate SeminarTopic: Archaeology of WarfareTopic: Ancient States and Empires of East and Southeast AsiaTopic: Ancient Urbanism & Social ComplexityAnth 942: Graduate SeminarTopic: Archaeology of Warfare

Select Publications

Kyên ổn, Nam. 2020. A Pathway to Emergent Social Complexity và State Power: A View from Southeast Asia. In The Evolution of Social Institutions, edited by Dmitri D. Beliaev, Dmitri M. Bondarenko, Richard J. Chabé, Yamilette Chabé, Stephen Kowalewski, và David Small, pp. 225-253. Springer.Kim, Nam và Jina Heo. 2019. Built Environments và Social Organizations: A Comparative sầu View from Asia. In Architectural Energetics in Archaeology: Analytical Expansions & Global Explorations, edited by Elliot Abrams and Leah McCurdy, pp. 26-55. Routledge, Thủ đô New York.Kyên, Nam C. & Marc Kissel. 2018. Emergent Warfare in Our Evolutionary Past. Routledge, New York.Kim, Nam C. Coercive sầu Power & State Formation in Northern Vietphái mạnh. In Feast, Famine or Fighting? Multiple Pathways lớn Social Complexity, edited by Richard Chanhỏ and Ruben Mendoza, pp. 165-196. Springer, Thủ đô New York.Kyên, Nam C. 2015. The Origins of Ancient Vietnam. Oxford University Press, Oxford.Kyên ổn, Nam C, Chapurukha Kusimba, and Lawrence Keeley. năm ngoái.

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