Yamaha motorcycles


Yamaha off-road competition bikes offer the very latest technology & performance features designed to lớn make enthusiasts the best riders possible, win races and help riders become one with their machine – putting them in the zone and atop the podium.

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2023 YZ450F quái dị Energy Yamaha Racing Edition

Get the look & feel of a Yamaha factory ride with your own trùm cuối Energy‑inspired, all-new YZ450F.

MSRP $10,099*


2023 YZ450F

Fresh off consecutive pro Motocross & Supercross titles, Yamaha took the class-leading YZ450F và made it even better—more powerful, lighter, slimmer, with enhanced overall stability & more agility than ever! Introducing the all-new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F, because the best don’t rest.

MSRP $9,899*


2023 YZ250F trùm cuối Energy Yamaha Racing Edition

The look of a full factory ride with the performance of a multi‑time Supercross & Motocross champ. Your quái dị Energy‑inspired xe máy weapon of choice awaits.

MSRP $8,799*


2023 YZ250F

The multi‑championship‑winning YZ250F dominates on the race track, at the shootouts and basically everywhere it goes.

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MSRP $8,599*


2023 YZ250 quái vật Energy Yamaha Racing Edition

MSRP $8,099*


2023 YZ250

The YZ250 offers pure performance và full‑throttle adrenaline in a lightweight và reliable two‑stroke machine.

MSRP $7,899*


2023 YZ125 boss Energy Yamaha Racing Edition

MSRP $7,199*


2023 YZ125

More powerful, more capable, more advanced. Offering the ideal blend of performance, reliability & usability khổng lồ develop the skills lớn win.

MSRP $6,999*


2023 YZ85LW

Same YZ85 power, same YZ85 fun, equipped with a large wheel package allowing riders to bridge the gap to lớn the next class.

MSRP $5,099*


2023 YZ85

Built for fun. Built to lớn win. The updated YZ85 serves up big‑bike specs in a small‑bike package.

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MSRP $4,899*


2023 YZ65

Designed for the discriminating mini‑moto racer with dreams of victory. The YZ65 is the perfect first step into the victory zone.

MSRP $4,799*


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