The 2016 Kymteo K-Pipe 125 is a lightweight, affordable motorcycle for around-town riding.

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Competition is heating up in the pocket xe đạp category. First came the Hondomain authority Grom, then the Kawasaki Z125 Pro, và now Kymco is rolling out the K-Pipe 125, which is the steal of the bunch at just $1,999.

The K-Pipe 125’s claimed wet weight is less than 225 lbs. và its EPA-estimated fuel economy is 70 mpg.

Like the Hondomain authority and Kawi, the Kymteo is powered by a 125cc (123.7, to be precise) air-cooled single with SOHC and two valves, và a square 54milimet bore và stroke. Engine output is on par with your average lawnmower—a claimed 8 horsepower at 7,000 rpm & 6.3 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm. Whereas the Japanese bikes are fuel-injected, the Taiwanese K-Pipe kicks it old school with a carburetor. And take your pick—thumb the electric starter or toe the kickstarter.

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The K-Pipe has a 4-speed transmission, chain final drive, non-adjustable suspension, front disc & rear drum brakes, & a 31-inch seat height. Whereas the Grom và Z125 Pro have sầu chunky 12-inch wheels, the K-Pipe rolls on 17-inchers. Claimed dry weight is 224.4 lbs., fuel capađô thị is 1.2 gallons & EPA estimated fuel economy is 70 mpg. Kymco’s new tiddler comes in Red, Pearl White or Blachồng và is backed by a 2-year warranty. For more info, visit kymcousa.com.

The K-Pipe 125 has a carburetor AND a kickstarter! (It has an electric starter, too.)

EngineType: Air-cooled singleDisplacement: 123.7ccBore x Stroke: 54 x 54mmCompression Ratio: 8.6:1Valve sầu Train: SOHC w/ 2 valvesFuel Delivery: CarburetorTransmission: 4-tốc độ, cable-actuated wet clutchFinal Drive: ChainIgnition: Electric/kickstarter

Digital meter includes a speedometer, cloông chồng, fuel gauge, odometer/tripmeter và a tachometer.

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ChassisFrame: Tubular steelWheelbase: 50.8 in.Rake/Trail: NASeat Height: 31 in.Suspension, Front: Telescopic fork, no adj.Rear: Single shoông xã, no adj.Brakes, Front: Single 276mm disc w/ 2-piston caliperRear: DrumWheels, Front: Cast, 17 in.Rear: Cast, 17 in.Tires, Front: 2.75-17Rear: 3.50-17Claimed Wet Weight: 224.4 lbs.

PerformanceFuel Capacity: 1.2 gals.Claimed MPG: 70 (EPA est.)Estimated Range: 84 miles