Innova 2


A significant step forward to lớn the further reduction of outdoor impact of air-conditioning systems.

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Too often, air-conditioning means khổng lồ install condensing units (bulky và ugly) on the outdoor of the buildings. Now, INNOVA presents 2.0, a new approach khổng lồ air-conditioning without outdoor unit that dramatically improves the state of the art of “monoblock” technology.

Maximum flexibility, perfect in any environment.

The product range, now even more complete, has the right product for any type of installation: high on the wall, or low on the floor, or close lớn a corner or by a door window. Just have a perimetral wall and 2.0 will find its place to lớn stay.

Shape & function, perfectly tuned.

The minimum depth, the right colour, the perfectly smooth surface, the full metal body… the product has been designed lớn perfectly integrate in any domestic dwelling, delivering excellent performances and, at the same time… fading… in both designs, horizontal và vertical, 2.0 has been made lớn perfectly match and tune forms to functions, into an quality body.

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With only 16 cm depth, the 2.0 is extremely slim & not invasive. This minimizes spacial & visual impact both inside và outdoor.


All installation accessories including template, supporting bracket, outdoor grills & insulating wall pipes come inside the box!


The “heat function” can be easily deactivated và the unit will perform in “cooling only” with no need of condensate drain.


Controll the 2.0 three ways! Remote control, on board control & mobile tiện ích over wifi! Apps are available for both iOS và Android.

Control At The Tip Of Your Fingers

The 2.0 offers three easy lớn use control methods:

On-board Touchscreen DisplayRemote ControlMobile phầm mềm – available for iOS và Android

All control methods give you the ability to lớn change mode settings including cooling only, humidification only, ventilation only và heating only as well as temperature & special functions such as airflow direction, fan speed và timers quickly & conveniently!



There,s a reason we are recognized as a leader in our industry – we vị our best on every job – no matter the kích cỡ or the hàng hóa in question. It’s this sensibility and determination that continues to see clients return to lớn us year after year. We aim lớn provide you with the same dedication that gives you every reason to vì chưng the same!

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Innova 2.0, please liên hệ us at 604.473.7777.

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