Plarium: Enter A World Of Cross

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Employment Opportunities

Orange County District 2:

Employers Job Seekers


*OCC Summer ESL Classes *OCC Customer Service & Retail Sales class *OCC Computer Basics *OCC Personal Care Aide

Orange County Public Library

*Job Seeker workshops *Zoom Interview *Microsoft Workshops  *Meet Kirk Snyder *Meet Katherine Brooks 


 New Fall Classes

Ethnic Studies course

coming Fall 2021



Spanish và Vietnamese translation


All students MUST have sầu a personal Gmail account. Click here khổng lồ learn how lớn create a Gmail trương mục if you don"t have sầu one. Cách chế tạo ra tài khoản Gmail Cómo crear una cuenta de Gmail  Be sure lớn kiểm tra your tin nhắn regularly for announcements from your teacher!



ESL Links

Putting English to Work: Thank you LAUSD for providing these resources for students: This is non-credit work.

Learn American English Online

https://www.spellingthành phố.com/

We Speak NYC


School News
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Upcoming Events
Aug 02

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Aug 23

Photo Gallery





Trinch Huynh GED Scholarship Winner

Students participate in Cultural Diversity Fair

Students learned about Mexiteo.

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