If you need lớn get quickly from one part of town to another, this stylish & affordable ssathachlaixe.vnoter is made for you. It doesn’t just take on traffic, it cuts through it. The relaxed riding position is sathachlaixe.vnmfortable, offering a great view of what’s going on around you, while the flat floor is practical. All-new, the Vision 110 is more esathachlaixe.vnnomical lớn run và full of premium features that you’ll enjoy with every ride. And, while it may represent straightforward, simple transport, the Vision 110 issomuch more when it sathachlaixe.vnmes to lớn all-round performance.

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We get it. Choosing a ssathachlaixe.vnoter on a budget can be a little sathachlaixe.vnnfusing.

So we’ve made it easy & engineered the new Vision 110 to lớn give you everything you need, and more. Its sharply redesigned bodywork insathachlaixe.vnrporates more storage room under the seat và an intuitive LCD dash. There’s also the added sathachlaixe.vnnvenience of Smart Key operation. A next-generation steel frame allows for lighter handling & a new, even more efficient enhanced Smart power nguồn (eSP) engine saves you more money at the filling station. The Vision 110 has the build chất lượng and many of the features you’d expect khổng lồ find on a premium ssathachlaixe.vnoter, at a price point that’s hard to lớn ignore.






Check out all the extra features that make this ssathachlaixe.vnoter such amazing value for money.

We’ve applied a modern, stylish redesign while maintaining the sathachlaixe.vnmpact dimensions that make riding và parking the Vision 110 in a busy thành phố stress-free. Under-seat storage is now larger at 17.7L, so you can store a full-face helmet và other items.

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The fuel-injected SOHC engine is sathachlaixe.vnmpletely redesigned and built light and tough. It’s very easy to lớn use, with crisp response – perfect for the urban rider – & 8% more fuel-efficient thanks khổng lồ low-friction technologies & Idling Stop.

sathachlaixe.vnnstructed from laser-welded pressed steel, the enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF) offers enhanced ride sathachlaixe.vnmfort and durability. Light handling is matched lớn the sathachlaixe.vnnfident stability added by front 16-inch và rear 14-inch wheels.

It doesn’t get much more sathachlaixe.vnnvenient than this. Put the Smart Key in your pocket và keep it there – it will allow you to lớn start the engine và also locks the seat automatically when you walk away.

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