If you lượt thích to ride, have knowledge about motorcycles, or you have visited Vietnam, perhaps you have heard of the Vietnamese Honda Win motorcycle. This motorcycle is cheap, made in Vietnam (those with a DETECH motor) & for years has been a point of conversation, discussions, và even disagreements on all levels among riders và motorcycle fans. The disagreements have been particularly strong among foreigners who have visited or live in Vietnam. After owning a Honda Win ourselves, here are the 5 things you must know right away about this two-wheeled motorized machine:

Exploring the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Happy after making it through the mountanous roads on our way to da Lat, Vietnam

1. Are NOT original Honda motorcycles

Since these motorcycles are NOT a real Honda product, from here on, we will just gọi it the Win. While researching for our ride, we stumbled on many articles talking about the Vietnamese Win motorcycle, a 115 cc motorcycle (which many don’t even call it a motorcycle). This nationally made motorcycle carries the name Honda, but let’s be very clear; it is not a HONDA by any means.

Break down 60 km. South of Hoi An, Vietnam và getting help from a road construction crew

After researching in January 2019 on our best option khổng lồ ride about 2000 kilometers in 10 days, our final choice had not been a Win for several reasons. First, we learned that the Win, even though it was cheap lớn buy (as low as $ 100 dollars for a used one và brand new around $ 600). Also had read that according to lớn Tigit, a motorcycle rental company, it was branded as one of the unsafest, unreliable, money pit motorcycles khổng lồ ride in Vietnam. Https://

Exploring Phu Quoc Island

2. They are inexpensive to buy

Almost exactly one year later, we found ourselves back again in Vietnam due to lớn the pandemic. We chose this beautiful country as the place where we would stay due lớn the COVID-19 for one particular reason; this country knew how to giảm giá with pandemics.

Our Detech Win is quite good off road

Once we had arrived in Vietnam, we knew that our stay would be much longer than expected, therefore instead of renting a motorcycle for about $ 5.00 to lớn $ 10.00 dollars per day, we decided to lớn buy one used. Again, we were faced with the dilemma of what motorcycle khổng lồ choose. This time around, we decided that we would give the Vietnamese Win a try. Http://

Mud riding chạy thử outside domain authority Lat, Vietnam

After searching in the city of Hoi An for a Win in mechanically decent conditions, we had found the one at Mr. Hai’s motorcycle shop a trusted place lớn buy a good two-wheeled ride in Hoi An. If you are looking to buy a cheap and good ride in Hoi An, stop by Mr. Hai’s shop. His daughter speaks English well and will be able khổng lồ answer any questions you may have.

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Enjoying a great coastal ride

3. Are NOT a reliable ride

Everything with our Win had been great for about a week và then the issues with it began. One day, suddenly it had refused lớn start up. We had called Mr. Hai & he had taken care of the issue for free. The week after, the clutch was damaged, & once again it had been taken care of at no cost. We had purchased it less than 30 days earlier & it only seemed fair for us to liên hệ him. Mr. Hai was great. He had lent us another motorcycle, while he took ours to the siêu thị to have it checked và fixed.

At the closed Vietnam-Cambodia border

The problems became bigger in late May, when we left Hoi An heading south of the country khổng lồ the city of Nha Trang, about 500 kilometers away. Within the first 60 kilometers, it broke down in the middle of nowhere with several broken spokes on the rear. This had cost us about 400k Vietnamese Dongs (about USD $ 17.00) và about 3 hours of our time. Feeling very frustrated, we had considered returning khổng lồ Hoi An và resell it, or set it on fire by the highway. Taking the bus sounded like a good idea at the moment. After some thought, we opted khổng lồ continue our way south with fingers crossed that it wouldn’t break down again. Riding the Win was not reliable at all.

Wash & service time

This issue had delayed our departure for another hour và had cost us 30,000 Vietnamese Dong (USD $ 1.10). By then we learned that fixing the Win was quite cheap, but on the other hand, most of the fixes were temporary rewiring, patching, by sloppy, inexperienced, and less than professional self-called mechanics applying their limited knowledge and most of the time guessing the problems. Some were successful temporary fixes, but mostly not dependable at all. Having some mechanical knowledge and having some tools with yout when riding a Win is a definite plus.

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Sunset in Hoi An, Vietnam

Fixing electrical issue in Qui Nhon, Vietnam

To our amazement, the Win had managed to lớn take us both of us và our almost 100 kilograms of cargo all the way without any major issues besides a very slow ride uphill at about 15 km/ph. We had khổng lồ keep our promise; the Win had earned our trust. Although we had many issues with it, we sort of enjoyed riding it everywhere. Riding a Win can be fun if you take care of it well, are patient and mostly if you have an adventurous spirit, và find an opportunity in every failure. Riding a Win motorcycle is more than the joy of riding, it is a test of your personal attitude. It is also a quality experience that in our opinion will make or break anyone who likes khổng lồ ride.

Getting the full service at Trung moto Cmc in Hoi An, Vietnam

If your plans are to lớn ride a motorcycle in Vietnam, you have many choices, and each will provide you a different experience. We have spent more money fixing the Win than what we paid for it, but it has been a journey we wouldn’t change. We love our Detech Win.

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At domain authority Lat, Cau Dat

The many breakdowns we have had throughout Vietnam, have given us the opportunity to lớn meet many wonderful local Vietnamese people. In the many towns & cities, some of them, have also become our social media friends & followers. Having a Win motorcycle has opened many doors to mingle with the Vietnamese people và their culture. It has given us priceless experiences that we will treasure forever.