2019 pcx150 overview



The sathachlaixe.vn PCX150 has long been a favorite because it just gets so many things right. It’s big enough to lớn carry you và a passenger with ease. It’s also small enough to lớn park almost anywhere và has amazing fuel efficiency. The PCX150 features our sathachlaixe.vn V-Matic transmission so there’s no need lớn shift ever. Plus, the 2.1-gallon fuel tank is under the floorboards for a low center of gravity & the new steel frame uses a duplex-cradle design for better handling. There’s even a large underseat compartment and a version with our Anti-Lochồng Braking System. So get moving – with our stylish & fun PCX150.

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RIDER COMFORT That long, plush seat (with an improved texture for 2019) does more than just look comfortable—it"s probably nicer than the sofa in your living room. The stepped passenger section gives your copilot a better view.

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UNDER-SEAT STORAGE Flip the seat open and you have sầu room for a full-face helmet or an evening’s worth of groceries. The main compartment locks for security & is weather-resistant, too. And at a full 28 liters (that’s over seven gallons), it’s even bigger this year.


OPTIONAL ABS sathachlaixe.vn’s Anti-Loông xã Braking System (ABS) is available on the new PCX150, which helps you make confident stops under less-than-igiảm giá khuyến mãi conditions.


IMPROVED ENGINE Hondomain authority is famous for our engines, & the PCX150 gets a thiết kế update for 2019. Engineered to lớn produce more power, it also features some new, friction reducing features, so it’s more efficient as well.


Engine Type

149cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke

Bore And Stroke

57.3milimet x 57.9mm


Fuel injection; 26mm throttle toàn thân


Full transistorized ignition

Compression Ratio



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