2021 honda accord hybrid prices, reviews, & pictures


Bachồng in the mid-1970s, the United States found itself in the middle of a global energy crisis with substantial petroleum shortages & skyrocketing fuel prices. In response, the 1974 Honda Civic was launched with an emissions-reducing CVCC engine và immediately became popular with buyers looking khổng lồ stretch their fuel budget. Since then, Hondomain authority engineers have worked tirelessly to lớn maximize fuel efficiency across the entire Mã Sản Phẩm lineup. Today’s Honda lineup offers buyers several choices of fuel-efficient vehicles, from hydrogen-powered lớn fully-electric & hybrid variants. In fact, Honda has announced a global benchmark goal for two-thirds of all sales lớn come from electrified models by 2030.

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If you’ve been curious about the benefits which come from driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, Germain Honda of Ann Arbor has created this useful guide which takes an in-depth look a the most popular Honda hybrids — the Accord Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid, Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, & Insight.

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Honda Hybrid / Plug-In / Electric Vehicles Explained


The difference between a hybrid vehicle and a non-hybrid is fairly easy lớn explain. Non-hybrid vehicles are powered solely by a traditional internal combustion engine using gasoline or diesel fuel. Hybrid vehicles retain this internal combustion engine with the bonus of an electric motor for supplemental power. This advanced system works in tandem khổng lồ deliver an optimized blkết thúc of performance & efficiency. As an example, the Hondomain authority Accord Hybrid offers greater fuel economy than the standard Honda Accord.

Plug-In Hybrids

Although similar in nature to a traditional hybrid, plug-in hybrids take efficiency to lớn the next cấp độ by their ability to lớn make their electric motor the sole power source. A great way to lớn think of these plug-in hybrid models is how they’re essentially an electric vehicle that can rely on its gasoline power to extend its range as a backup.

Electric (EV)

Lastly, we’ve sầu come khổng lồ electric vehicles (also referred khổng lồ as EVs). These types of vehicles are powered exclusively by electriđô thị with no internal combustion engine. Since they don’t have sầu a tradition engine, these models have sầu plenty of extra space for additional battery capathành phố which allows you to lớn drive further on a single charge. Choosing an EV means you’ll never have sầu to lớn visit a gas station again. “Fueling up” now consists of plugging your vehicle into an electrical outlet to lớn charge.

Starting at $27,325 MSRP1 48 City / 48 Highway / 48 Combined MPG2

Key FeaturesStandard Hondomain authority Sensing® suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologiesDeceleration selectorsSmart entry with Push-button StartMulti-Angle Rearview Camera60/40 split fold-down rear seatsLED low-beam headlights with auto-on/offAuto lớn high-beam headlights

A familiar face aước ao the Honda hybrid vehicle lineup, the Honda Accord Hybrid is powered by the third generation of Honda’s innovative sầu two-motor hybrid powertrain. It features a 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC® Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder engine paired lớn an electric propulsion motor which combine khổng lồ produce a total system output of 212 horsepower & 232 lb-ft of torque. Drivers will experience an unrivaled combination of efficiency & proven performance thanks to lớn a combined 48 MPG rating2 for the Accord Hybrid.

You no longer have sầu to make sacrifices on space, power, or capability in your hybrid vehicle when you drive a Hondomain authority Accord Hybrid. Enjoy responsive performance, cabin space, and cargo capađô thị with the Accord Hybrid. A total of four tryên levels are available on the Accord Hybrid: Hybrid, EX, EX-L, & Touring.

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2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid


Starting at $28,970 MSRP1 40 City / 35 Highway / 38 Combined MPG2

Key FeaturesTwo-Motor Hybrid Powertrain with 212 horsepower và standard Real Time AWD™Customizable drive sầu modes – Ebé, Sport, và EVStandard Hondomain authority Sensing® driver-assistive sầu safety technologiesHybrid badging & distinctive blue Hondomain authority front grille emblemModel-specific instrument panel with display for power/charge status & driver-selectable display for power distribution & regenerationAcoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) designed lớn increase awareness by pedestriansAvailable 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio interface with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration

Marking the start of a new chapter in the legacy of the award-winning CR-V, this proven compact SUV is now available as a hybrid. As the first hybrid SUV ever sold by Hondomain authority in the USA, the CR-V Hybrid comes standard with an advanced dual-motor hybrid powertrain which offers a perfected blover of efficiency & response.

Choosing a hybrid SUV no longer requires you to lớn make compromises on style thanks lớn the bold look of the Hondomain authority CR-V Hybrid. Rugged kiến thiết accents help elevate the CR-V Hybrid above sầu the competition while still emphasizing aerodynamics for the ultimate in efficiency. Once you step foot inside the interior you’ll notice an array of groundbreaking tech features such as the available 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio system featuring Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ smartphone integration. Included as standard on all trlặng levels, the Honda Sensing® collection of driver-assistive safety technologies helps you stay one step ahead of danger.

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2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Starting at $34,355 MSRP1 47-Mile EV Mode Driving Range6

Key FeaturesAll-electric daily driver – With an impressive 47-mile all-electric range rating6, many daily trips can be accomplished using only battery power.Gas for distance – For longer trips, when the electric battery runs out the gas-powered engine takes over to provide additional driving range, giving the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid a 340-mile combined gas and electric range rating6.Hassle-không tính tiền charging – Plug into lớn electric outlets at trang chính, work, or at any of the thousands of electric charging stations located across the nation.

Proving the benefits of an electric in addition lớn the flexibility of a hybrid, the Hondomain authority Clarity Plug-In Hybrid gives drivers more possibilities than ever before. A high-capađô thị battery delivers impressive sầu range for longer all-electric commutes. Just lượt thích a traditional hybrid, the Clarity Hybrid also features a gas-powered engine for backup when electriđô thị runs low. Charge up và drive using electrithành phố, or tap into its engine for extended road trips — all while spending less time & money at the gas station.

Both drivers và passengers alượt thích will appreciate its roomy interior with seating for up to five sầu along with eco-conscious materials for a premium feel. Charge up in the comfort of your own home page with a standard 120-volt outlet or even quicker with a 240-volt charger. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid can also take advantage of thousands of public charging stations scattered across the country. Owners could also be eligible for state-level tax benefits including charger rebates and HOV lane eligibility4.

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2021 Hondomain authority Insight

Starting at $23,885 MSRP1 55 đô thị / 49 highway MPG2

Key FeaturesThree selectable driving modes – ECON, Thể Thao, & EVAvailable Hondomain authority Satellite-Linked Navigation System™, Hondomain authority HD Digital Traffic, và 4G LTE Wi-Fi capabilityAvailable next-generation HondaLink® subscription services & HomeLink® Remote SystemStandard Honda Sensing® suite of advanced safety & driver-assistive technologiesOptional 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen with Apple CarPlay™ và Android Auto™ integration

Offering a departure from the polarizing styling found on most hybrid cars on the market, the Hondomain authority Insight delivers a sleek yet dynamic kiến thiết. With up khổng lồ 55 đô thị MPG2, driving a hybrid no longer means sacrificing on good looks. It’s positioned as a premium compact sedan above the Civic in the Hondomain authority lineup, providing you with class-leading passenger space, power, and fuel efficiency.

Choose from a total of three trim levels on the Honda Insight — LX, EX, & Touring. Baông chồng in 1999, the Hondomain authority Insight debuted as America’s first hybrid vehicle. Fast forward trăng tròn years later, Hondomain authority continues to lớn make history with the Insight by giving drivers an entirely new option when shopping for an affordable yet stylish hybrid vehicle.

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2021 Hondomain authority Hybrids Compared

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid2021 Hondomain authority Clarity Plug-In Hybrid2021 Honda Insight
Starting MSRP1$27,325 MSRP1$28,970 MSRP1$34,355 MSRP1$23,885 MSRP1
Powertrain2.0-liter third-generation two-motor hybrid powertrain2.0-liter third-generation two-motor hybrid powertrain with Real Time AWD™1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, electric motor1.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine, powerful electric propulsion motor, & lithium-ion battery pack
EV-Only Range2Short DistancesShort Distances47 Miles2Short Distances
City/Highway/Combined MPG248 / 48 / 48 MPG240 / 35 / 38 MPG244 / 40 / 42 MPG2 (gasoline only), 110 MPGe overall rating255 / 49 / 52 MPG2
Interior Cargo Volume16.7 cubic feet68.7 cubic feet 14.8 cubic feet15.1 cubic feet
Front Legroom42.3 inches41.3 inches42.2 inches42.3 inches
Rear Legroom40.4 inches40.4 inches36.6 inches37.4 inches
Front Headroom39.5 inches40.1 inches39.1 inches39.3 inches
Rear Headroom37.3 inches39.2 inches37.1 inches36.9 inches
Hondomain authority Sensing®StandardStandardStandardStandard

Is there a warranty on Honda lithium-ion batteries?

These batteries are covered by an 8-year/100,000-mile or 10-year/150,000-mile limited warranty, depending on the state of purchase.

What is the warranty on replacement Honda 12-volt batteries?

Replacement 12-volt batteries are covered for a 100-month (8 years & 4 months) prorated limited warranty7.

At the end of its lifespan, what happens to lớn a Hondomain authority lithium-ion battery?

It’s harvested for components và metals in order to lớn recycle as much material as possible for later use. This is part of Honda’s Blue Skies for Our Children initiative sầu along with our longstanding commitment khổng lồ protecting our environment.

Benefits of Hondomain authority Hybrid Vehicles

No matter which Honda hybrid vehicle you select, you can experience numerous benefits which make each drive sầu much more rewarding.

Superior Fuel Efficiency

Although it probably seems obvious, a well-known advantage of driving a hybrid is the ability lớn spover less time and money at the pump. Since these vehicles use less fuel, primarily around town và in the city, you can expect khổng lồ receive noticeable savings compared to lớn driving a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle.

Cleaner Emissions

It won’t only be your wallet that will appreciate the benefits of driving a hybrid. Since they don’t produce nearly as many carbon emissions as a gasoline-only vehicle, hybrids help our environment. With the rapidly expanding popularity of hybrids in recent years, you can help vày your part in improving the unique of the air around us.

High Resale Value

Buyers across the country continue khổng lồ make the switch to lớn hybrid vehicles. As a result, hybrid models often comm& a higher resale value as compared lớn a conventional Mã Sản Phẩm — potentially resulting in a much more rewarding ownership experience.

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1MSRPhường includes $955.00 (Accord Hybrid / Insight / Clarity PHEV) or $1,1đôi mươi.00 (CR-V Hybrid) destination charge but excludes tax, license, registration, và options. Dealers phối own prices.

2Accord Hybrid – 48 city/48 highway/48 combined mpg rating for Hybrid, EX và EX-L trims. 44 city/41 highway/43 combined mpg rating for the Hybrid Touring tryên. Based on 2021 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive & maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition (hybrid trims) and other factors.

Insight – 55 city/49 highway/52 combined mpg rating for LX & EX trims. 51 city/45 highway/48 combined mpg rating for the Touring tryên ổn. Based on 2021 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive và maintain your vehicle, battery-paông xã age/condition and other factors.

Clarity Plug-In Hybrid – 110 combined miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent (MPGe) electric rating; 44 city/40 highway/42 combined MPG gasoline-only rating. 47-mile maximum EV mode driving-range rating. 340-mile combined gas-electric driving-range rating. Based on 2021 EPA ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your MPGe/MPG & driving range will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive sầu & maintain your vehicle, battery-pack age/condition và other factors.

CR-V Hybrid – 40 city/35 highway/38 combined mpg rating. Based on 2021 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive & maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition và other factors.

4The IRS offers a Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive sầu Motor Vehicle Tax Credit of up lớn $7,500 on the purchase of qualifying vehicles. This is not tax advice. Consult your own tax advisor for details. The High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) sticker can be applied for through the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Once installed, you may use designated HOV lanes, even if you’re driving alone. Stickers valid through January 1, 2024.

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647-mile maximum EV mode driving-range rating. 340-mile combined gas-electric driving-range rating. Based on 2021 EPA ratings.