Honda Super Cubs Vietnam

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Produced more than any other motor vehicle in history, the Hondomain authority Cub or Honda Super Cub first found its way onkhổng lồ the roads in 1958 and by 2017 had sold over 100-million units in their Cub Series. A series that includes a variety of 50cc-125cc models. In Vietphái nam, this was once a status symbol and the bikes relentless reliability was enough khổng lồ keep up interest and popularity across the ages.

Hondomain authority Cub History: Becoming a Household Name

When Hondomain authority co-founder Takeo Fujisawahe was putting together production plans for the bike in the ’50s, he was looking khổng lồ appeal to the delivery boy market in bustling nhật bản. As a result, he insisted that the motorcycle was easy khổng lồ drive sầu with one hand, so riders could carry a tray of Soba noodles with the other. They could, & it worked. The appeal to lớn the xanh collar worker was a raging success. 

In 1956 the cub was released under the title C100/Hondomain authority 50 with a 4-stroke 49cc engine and within six years had expanded sales, distribution, và manufacturing across America, Germany, Belgium, the UK, và France. This ease of use along with the Cub’s reliability, longevity, convenience, và economical efficiency made the bike a hit in every country. 

Legover suggests that the word CUB was the anacronym for “Cheap Urban Bike”. Fitting as it is, there is no evidence for this. The price point did ammas inlớn a small fortune for Hondomain authority though.

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In 2006 the discovery channel came out with a series rating the best motorcycles on the planet. The danh sách included some glamours names you’d expect like Harley và Ducati. To drive trang chính the point of who was best they tried lớn kill the Cub via crashes, drowning, & excessive sầu abuse. In the over, the bike started và continued on just lượt thích it has for more than 60-years. Thus it was titled “The Greathử nghiệm Machine Of All Time.” 

Why’s The Hondomain authority Cub So Popular 

Cheap. Even in 2019 A new Hondomain authority CUB retails for $3600Semi-automatic with three gears, anyone can drive one. Global supply chain of inexpensive sầu spare partsStruck a chord with the Beach Boys in the song “Little Honda” garnering some helpful publicity


The Tigit Limited Orange Edition of Honda Cub

You Meet the Nicest People On a Honda

A little bit genius, a little bit luchồng. The idea for this 12-year advertising chiến dịch was purchased from an American student who dreamt up the idea as a class project. Shortly after the Beach Boys wrote a song about the Cub, which was released by the Hondellas who then released a tuy nhiên titled “You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda”. Cheap bikes with celebrity status, Americans could hardly resist. 

This clean-cut American advertizing was in direct contrast to lớn the bad-boy imagery of riding a motorcycle conjured up by most other American brands at the time and Honda’s chiến dịch would cripple the American and British motorcycle sales as backlash came to be known as the Japanese invasion.


The Cub In Today’s Vietnam

These days on the streets of Saigon you can find locals và foreigners riding run-down Cubs often 20-30 years old. These older bikes require a lot of ongoing maintenance and are considerably slower than a modern scooter with a 125-150cc engine. People keep them around as they are quite cheap, even to fix, and no license is required khổng lồ drive one that still has a 50cc engine. That said, most of the old Cubs are just a nostalgic shell with a 110cc Chinese engine – another reason the reliability isn’t good. (Really, no license of any kind?) 

The name Cub carries a lot of sentimental feelings lớn those who grew up just after the war. To them, the Cub was both a friend & a legacy. For a family lớn own a Cub baông xã then, was lượt thích owning a fancy car nowadays. My father bought one when I was a 4 year old boy, và we were seen as celebrities in the local neighborhood!

On occasion, you can find age-old Hondomain authority Cubs in nearly immaculate condition. These restored Cub owners are typically the men & women who grew up during a post-war Vietphái nam when the bike was a status symbol. You can find Cub group meetups where the owners showcase this eye-candy on wheels lớn friends và anyone passing by. The xe đạp is always an instant conversation starter.

Super Cub Stats In Vietnam

The first 20,000 Cubs were imported lớn Vietphái nam in 1967At one point 90% of all motorcycles in Vietnam giới were Super Cubs

The Super Cub has been manufactured in Vietphái mạnh since 1996


How Much Is A Honda Cub In Saigon?

A highly coveted motorcycle, if you can find an original one that’s been well-maintained, prices hover around 40-million vnd ($1700). Cubs in excellent restored condition can go for more than the newer Honda SH150’s, the Ferrari of the scooter world in Vietnam giới.

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Like all things in Vietphái nam, you can find variations of this bike. A number of motorcycle dealers sell newer Mã Sản Phẩm Honda Super Cubs or Honda Little Cubs for around $600 on the premise that these bikes are “Imported From Japan”. Like the Honda Win, these too are just cheap Chinese knock offs that hold no value.

Image: Hondomain authority – The 2019 Hondomain authority Super Cub released in America hits an emotional chord with buyers both young & old. It’s cool, classic, và comfortable. Hondomain authority did it again.

60 Year Anniversary Super Cub

On the heels of the 100-millionth Cub Series motorcycle sale in 2017, Hondomain authority hit another milestone with the 60th anniversary of the Cub in 2018. To celebrate they released a special 60th-anniversary edition motorcycle in America. This is the upgraded version of the Cub with a 125cc fuel-injected engine, no kickstart, equipped with ABS, cast wheels, và an instrument cluster that incorporates LCD. A modern classic you’ll probably see running the roadways for another 60 years.

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Currently in Vietphái mạnh Honda sells roughly 2.38-million Hondas each year with over 900,000 of those sales in the Cub Series line up. Though the original Cub doesn’t come rolling off the production line anymore, Hondomain authority considers the Wave sầu Altrộn 110, Blade 110, Wave sầu RSX110, and Future 125 part of this series and just like the Cub, these bikes are some of the most reliable you can ride.