Honda Cb300R Price 2021


The new Honda xe đạp is reported to lớn be developed specifically for our market but it could be based on an international platform

Hondomain authority Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has teased a new sản phẩm which is mix lớn be launched on 30th of September. The vague teaser image shows a crown with tagline “Your Highness is arriving on 30th September”. The world premiere is most likely lớn be streamed live.

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What could be the new Hondomain authority product?

Hondomain authority seems khổng lồ be on an aggressive hàng hóa launch strategy. Just recently, the Japanese brvà introduced the new Hornet 2.0 with a slightly larger engine and it is already gearing up for its next big launch.

Some expect the new Honda lớn be a medium displacement motorcycle with a capacity of around 300-400 cc. This fits well with a long-standing report that claimed Honda is developing a retro classic motorcycle to compete with Jawa & Royal Enfield, which has been enjoying a near-monopoly in the Indian middle-weight motorcycle space.

New Hondomain authority India motorcycle launch teaser

The crown in teaser image suggests the new Hondomain authority bike’s nameplate or its sale tagline would revolve around the words royal or king. However, there is absolutely no indication on what the toàn thân style is going to lớn be. One would usually expect a Royal Enfield rival to lớn be either a classic roadster with simple styling or a cruiser.

Either way, the product is likely to lớn adopt a lot of modern kiến thiết elements and features lượt thích a typical retro-classic sản phẩm. The image also represents what appears khổng lồ be sound waves, indicating that the engine note is of importance.

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Approximate specifications

If it is indeed a medium-displacement motorcycle, it is likely khổng lồ be based on one of Honda’s internationally available platforms albeit with significant changes khổng lồ make it suitable for our market. For example, the Honda Rebel 300 cruiser could be one of the viable donor products for Honda’s Royal Enfield rival. It is khổng lồ be noted here that the Honda Rebel 300 has already been patented by the company in India.

Hondomain authority Rebel Patented in India – Leak

The new Honda xe đạp is most likely khổng lồ be equipped with a single-cylinder engine khổng lồ keep the costs competitive. We expect the soon-to-be-launched hàng hóa khổng lồ stiông xã with Honda’s tradition of prioritizing smooth & effortless performance rather than squeezing out maximum possible horse power.

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Market positioning

HMSI’s attempt at the Indian mid-premium two wheeler segment has been rather uneventful. Though the CBR250R had a decent bạn following, it never did mix the sales chart on fire as there were more powerful alternatives in the same price range. We expect the new Honda bike lớn be localized heavily to arrive sầu at an attractive sầu price point. A sub-2 lakh price tag would make things pretty interesting.