New honda sh 300i 2021: prices, specs, consumption and photos


For scooter lovers, the new Hondomain authority SH 300i 2021 has arrived to lớn win over many fans of the category. A xe đạp with a lot of công nghệ & comfort aimed at riding in cities, the new Hondomain authority SH 300i 2021 has several standard items lớn make the bike even more incremental. For more details, continue reading the following post.

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New Honda SH 300i 2021

A scooter with an innovative proposal and excellent safety, has ABS brakes, which prevent the wheels from locking when braking, giving greater stability to the riders.

It still has a classic design, with a flat floor, it can give more comfort to lớn the pilot’s legs, so it will be possible to fly for much longer & with greater comfort.


For added convenience, it is still possible to lớn insert the windshield as standard items, to lớn cut wind và dust.

The motorcycle also has a smart key system, where it is possible for the rider to lớn start the motorcycle without taking the key out of his pocket.

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The sản phẩm also has a 12v socket, where in times of need it is possible to lớn charge the cell phone in the storage compartment.

According lớn the Cars column, on the ig trang web, the New Hondomain authority SH 300i 2021:

It cannot be denied that the Hondomain authority SH 300i scooter is the strongest, logically due khổng lồ the 279.1 cm3 engine, with a power of 25.9 hp and torque of 2.7 kgfm. Accelerates vigorously and reaches speeds above sầu 80 km / h in three bliên kết. There is nothing better to face unfair competition from thugs with four or more wheels in the traffic of large cities.


Technical Data New Honda SH 300i

To buy a motorcycle without disastrous consequences as khổng lồ what it offers & the need for the rider it is important to calmly analyze all the items that the hàng hóa offers.

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To find out the details of the SH 300i, see the complete hàng hóa datasheet:



Type: OHC, Monocylindrical, 4-stroke, liquid cooled;Compression Ratio: 10.5: 1;Power System: Electronic Injection PGM-FI;Transmission: CVT type;Starting System: Electric;Diameter x Stroke: 72 x 68.6 mm;Cylinder: 279.1 cc;Maximum Power: 24.9 hp at 7,500 rpm;Maximum Torque: 2.59 kgf.m at 5,000 rpm;Fuel: Gasoline.

Dimensions and capacity:

Length x Width x Height: 2131 x 728 x 1600 mm;Seat height: 805 mm;Dry Weight: 162 kg;Wheelbase: 1438 mm;Minimum distance from the ground: 130 mm;Fuel Tank: 9.1 liters;Engine Oil: 1.7 liter.


Electrical system:

Ignition: Electronic;Headlight: LED;Battery: 12 V – 9.4 Ah;


Type: Monobloông xã (underbone);Front Brake / Diameter: A disc / 256 mm;Rear Brake / Diameter: Disc / 240 mm;Front Suspension / Stroke: Telescopic fork / 115 mm;Rear Suspension / Stroke: Two Shoông xã Absorbers / 114 mm;Front tire: 110/70 – 16;Rear tire: 130/70 – 16.

Serial items

LED lighting system;Automatic transmission, type CVT;Smart Key Technology;Display of instruments with digital and analog reading;ABS brakes;Windshield;Socket 12 v.




Consumption New Honda SH 300i

Knowing the autonomy of the motorcycle is the main factor lớn influence the purchase of a motorcycle. This is due lớn the reason that this value will be present monthly in the family income, so it is always important khổng lồ retìm kiếm.

The new Hondomain authority SH 300i 2021, has an average consumption of 30km / liter, depending on the way the xe đạp will be ridden.


Price of the New Honda SH 300i

If after analyzing all the tips you became interested in this machine, you need lớn know what value you will need to lớn use to make the purchase.

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The price of the new Honda SH 300i 2021 is from $ 4200, this is the initial value of the hàng hóa, và may vary if series items are added.