Honda Super Cub 50 Specifications, Review, Top Speed, Picture, Engine, Parts & History


Every once in a while a machine transcends the constraints of time & taste lớn become a modern-day legend, & Honda’s Super Cub is just such a machine. From its humble beginnings back in 1958, the Super Cub (aka Honda 50 or Honda C100) has, according to sales numbers, grown into the most popular motorcycle. Ever. Back in 2018, the line passed the 100-million-unit mark, và I am old enough to remember when McDonald’s had served fewer burgers than that according lớn their sign out front, so that is a lot of units around the world.

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The company was about a decade old when it struck gold with the Super Cub. Like so many other marques, Honda was able to capitalize on the needs of people living in a war-torn infrastructure and arguably helped the island nation recover from the lingering aftermath. Part of the charm is the fact that its almost completely enclosed, similar to lớn a scooter, but was, in fact, a motorcycle proper. The kiến thiết team mix about the business of building a xe đạp with enough bodywork khổng lồ hide all the unsightly innards and underpinnings while making it easy to mount and ride.

Leading-link front suspension uses non-telescopic forks to lớn mount the front wheel with a high-mount, full-size front fender that rocks high sides to leave the front wheel mostly exposed in profile. Up top, a cyclops headlight lights the way with bar-mount blinkers and tall mirror stems, but all the rider protection comes from the scooter-like legguard that keeps the spray off the rider’s lower legs.

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In another scooter-tastic move, the fuel tank area gives way lớn cutout step-through area that makes for easy mounting and dismounting. A stock solo seat và luggage rack finish out the flyline, though back in the day the accessory catalog offered options for riders who prefer to giới thiệu the fun with a friend.

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In the looks department, it’s really kind of amazing how faithful the newly-released Super Cub looks lượt thích the original. Side-by-side, it’s difficult khổng lồ tell the difference between the old & the new at a glance, và not only is that a testament khổng lồ the original design, it shows an unshakeable confidence on the part of Honda in its own work. I love classic-looking machines, & the fidelity I see here is remarkable.