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Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 2021 Price List

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Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Standard 332 ₫ Million*

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Overview Fat Bob


Harley-Davidson introduced its robust cruiser, Fat Bob, early this year. The bike comes powered by a 1690cc, air-cooled, Twin Cam 103 engine that comes linked khổng lồ a 6-tốc độ manual gearbox. The bike has a neatly chiselled huge fuel tank with 18.9-liter capađô thị. There are plenty of impeccable offering from the company, out of which, Fat Bob is a superior yet cost-effective series of cruisers. It has fat tyres, low handlebar, throaty engine and iconic style khổng lồ impress everyone with its attitude.


Harley Davidson has been representing passion, freedom và legacy through its state-of-the-art bikes since the beginning. According to lớn the manufacturer Fat Bob is a symbol of grace & excellence and one of the finest looking street cruiser in the market. It has darker cosmetics khổng lồ conjure và, even more, menacing look. Fat Bob enjoys travelling over the urban playground seeing và being seen rather more than it does than racing between traffic lights or around the ring road.


Harley-Davidson Fat Bob is a piece of elegance when it comes lớn its design.With bold, big & dripping attitude the Fat Bob model proves there is no such thing as too much blaông xã. At the front, it has a beefy drag-style handlebar and dominating twin headlights with an aggressive persomãng cầu. At the rear, it has chrome tommy gun 2-1-2 collector exhaust with dual mufflers và a tail light that has side indicators. In regards to lớn dimension, it has a length of 2400 milimet with a width of 8đôi mươi mm and height of 1210mm.

Engine, Economy & Performance

Talking about its engine and performance, the Harley Davidson Fat Bob has a 1690cc, air-cooled, twin cam 103, 4-stroke engine that is mated to lớn a six-speed manual gearbox to produce a superlative sầu torque of 132 nm at 3250 rpm. The clutch pull is light which makes you unfamiliar to what is about lớn come. The aggressive nature of the engine is matched by a rigid Dyna frame.


The automakers have sầu used telescopic fork suspension at the front and twin-sided swing arm suspension at the rear and easily adjust preload with a spanner wrench khổng lồ suit riding style. The slammed low rear suspension provides a more laid-bachồng riding position & style. The front và rear end are equipped with fat tubeless tyres to lớn provide a menacing & powerful handling. The form size of the tyres is 130/90 ZR 16 at the front while at the rear the kích cỡ is 180/70 ZR 16.

Safety, Braking và Miscellaneous

For satisfactory braking, Harley Davidson Fat Bob has been embellished with the manual clutch that dodge loss of revs và the effects of engine braking under combative sầu downshifts. Clutch pull is cordial, polished and getting underway is effortless. The Fat Bob has big wide tyres và an ABS unit has been provided along with the disc brakes at both ends to lớn give safety to the rider. On top of this, it also has advanced safety features lượt thích traction, stability, cruise và emission control along with the warning lights for neutral, low oil pressure lớn keep the rider updated about the vehicle.


Harley Davidson Fat Bob is good enough to lớn outpace most bikes và get away quickly from the lights. With superb comfort & optimum all-round performance the manufacturer has unquestionably managed khổng lồ kiến thiết a highly customizable, mesmeric & value for money bike.