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About Company:

Hach Company is a part of Danaher water Quality Platkhung & manufactures and distributes

analytical instruments & reagents used to demo the quality of water and other liquid solutions.

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Key responsibility

1. Drive business development growth và increase market share in assigned area by growing the base of existing and potential customer in the Oil và gas, Food và Beverage, chemical, & pharma segments.

2. Manage customer relationship from top khổng lồ bottom and ensure customer satisfaction

through effective hàng hóa và service offerings.

3. Drive value selling & value communication actions at key accounts

4. Strategize & drive sale và service offerings khổng lồ key accounts

5. Develops, implements và sustain comprehensive sầu account plans to achieve annual sales


6. Understvà customer requirement & offer correct product or giải pháp công nghệ solution

7. Teamwork with supply chain & service teams lớn ensure fulfillment of order khổng lồ customer


8. Monitor and analyze competition activities

9. Regular updating of CRM – SFDC

The successful candidate

1. 4 – 7 years of business development experience in instrumentation or chemical engineering equipment sales

2. Prior experience of working with regional và global key accounts.

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3. Prior experience of working with customers from oil and gas, chemical, food và beverage,

EPC companies

4. Been in a Multinational company

5. Excellent presentation skills và svào analytical skill


• The Company is committed khổng lồ providing the highest quality products & services khổng lồ new and existing clients. All Hach Pacific employees are expected lớn contribute to lớn enhancing the Company’s reputation and success.

• In keeping with our reputation for unique and service, all Hach Pacific employees are expected at all times to lớn conduct themselves in a manner conducive sầu lớn good relationships with our clients và other staff as well as ensure that a high professional standard of presentation và performance is maintained.

• All Hach Pacific employees are responsible for the maintenance of Health và Safety standards & practices as required by legislation and Company policies & procedures.

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• All Hach Pacific employees are expected khổng lồ respond flexibly và quickly to lớn any changes required by the Company, its clients và the requirements of the industry. All Hach Pacific employees may be required lớn undertake any duties within the Company’s operation as required, subject khổng lồ the extent of your skills và training or as requested by your manager for which you have the appropriate skill.

Seniority cấp độ


Employment type


Job function

Sales and Business Development


Environmental Services