2022 Gle 450 4Matic Suv

Highs High-tech cabin, looks appropriately upscale, spacious first- and second-row seats. Lows Stiff ride especially with large wheels, snug optional third row, best features carry big price tags. Verdict The GLE-class does most things very well, but so vày many of its mid-form size luxury SUV rivals, some of which cost thousands less.


Like the mid-kích thước Mercedes SUVs that came before, the 2022 GLE-class delivers the latest tech, a spacious interior, và more off-road capability than most owners will dare to lớn explore. Most models come with two rows of seats, both of which are comfortable và luxurious. An optional third row is available, but it"s really good only for kids. A wall of screens dominates the GLE"s dashboard và provides a fully digital gauge display và an expansive sầu look at the car"s infotainment all in one panel. A turbocharged four-cylinder serves as the base powertrain, but a turbo inline-six & a twin-turbo V-8 are also offered (although the V-8 will be offered in a limited supply this year). For those seeking lớn venture far from paved roads và civilization, the GLE can be had with an adjustable air suspension that can provide additional ground clearance và can also help rochồng the SUV không lấy phí from deep sand or mud.

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What"s New for 2022?

The GLE-class receives few changes this year, but automatic high-beam headlamps are now standard, & buyers can choose new two-tone Espresso Brown-and-blaông xã or white-and-black leather upholstery schemes.

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Pricing and Which One to lớn Buy

After driving two of the three available powertrains, we"d suggest sticking with the entry-màn chơi turbocharged four-cylinder GLE350 model. Despite the fact that it"s the lowest-powered option, it moves the GLE-class along with enough authority to lớn satisfy most drivers, and it returned the best fuel economy in our testing. Since we"re saving our hard-earned dollars by going with the base mã sản phẩm, we"d allow ourselves lớn splurge on the Premium package (Burmester audio system, 360-degree camera, and a 115-volt household-style power outlet) và the Warmth và Comfort package (heated front armrests & upper door panels). We"d also add heated seats in the second row and four-zone automatic climate control, both of which are standalone options.

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Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Models wearing the GLE350 badge are powered by a 255-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine with either rear- or all-wheel drive sầu (4Matic in Mercedes parlance) & a nine-tốc độ automatic transmission. Stepping up lớn the GLE450 brings standard all-wheel drive & a 362-hp hybrid powertrain that consists of a turbocharged inline-six và a novel 48-volt electrical system. The 20trăng tròn GLE350 required 6.6 seconds lớn reach 60 mph at our test traông xã, và the six-cylinder GLE450 managed a 5.3-second time. While the souped-up Mercedes-AMG GLE53 (reviewed separately) brings even more heat, the 20trăng tròn Mercedes-Benz GLE580 represents the most powerful và expensive sầu non-AMG Model. The 48-volt system combines with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 lớn Cosplay to 504 horsepower. Every GLE-class can be outfitted with a cutting-edge air-suspension system that can lean inkhổng lồ corners & even wiggle itself loose if the driver gets it stuông chồng in sand or mud. The standard setup is traditional steel springs và anti-roll bars.