In April 2021, Clash of Clans was the most popular Android gaming phầm mềm in the United States with almost two million daily active sầu users (DAU). The Mobile strategy game was released in 2012 & has remained in-demand ever since. Subway Surfers was ranked second with 1.95 million daily active sầu users.

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Leading gaming apps in the Google Play Store in the United States in April 2021, by daily active users

CharacteristicDaily active users
Clash of Clans1,973,837
Subway Surfers1,945,872
Candy Crush Saga1,429,346
8 Ball Pool1,346,004
Temple Run 21,134,666
Roblox1,1trăng tròn,429
Hill Climb Racing912,396
Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game753,208
Game of War - Fire Age745,258


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