Monitoring the future 2020 survey results

On December 15, the National Institute on Drug Abuse announced new data from the annual Monitoring the Future study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan. On December 16, a data processing error was found. This error misrepresented the scope of the decreases in daily or near-daily vaping of nicotine, marijuamãng cầu, and just flavoring. NIDA’s materials were updated on December 17 to lớn reflect the correct data.

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Monitoring the Future is an annual drug use survey of eighth, 10th & 12th grade students conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

More than 11,800 students from 112 schools across the United States participated in the 20trăng tròn survey.*

*Data collection stopped prematurely due to lớn the COVID-19 pandemic. Completed surveys represent about 25% of the size of a typical year’s data collection. However, results were gathered from a broad geographic range và were statistically weighted to lớn be nationally representative.







Section: Surge of Nicotine Vaping Levels Off, but Remains High

Figure 1: Past-Year Nicotine Vaping Held Steady In 2020, the percentage of teens who reported vaping in the past year was unchanged from 2019. However, between 2017 & 2019 the number of students who reported vaping nicotine in the past year doubled. 2017201820192020
8th graders 7.5%10.9%16.5%16.6%
10th graders 15.8%24.7%30.7%30.7%
12th graders 18.8% 29.7% 35.3% 34.5%
Figure 2: Daily or Near-Daily Nicotine Vaping Declines Ahy vọng Older Grades In 2020, the percentage of 10th and 12th grade students who reported vaping nicotine every day or nearly every day decreased from 2019. 20192020
8th graders 2%2%
10th graders 6.8%5.6%
12th graders 11.6%8.3% 
Figure 3: Past-Year JUUL Use Dropped Significantly Aý muốn Older Grades Between 2019 and 20đôi mươi, the percentage of 10th and 12th grader students who used JUULs in the past 12 months declined significantly.

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8th graders 14.7%11.7%
10th graders 28.7%20%
12th graders 28.4%22.7% 

Section: Past-Year Marijuana Vaping Holds Steady, Daily Use Decreases

Figure 4: Past-Year Marijuamãng cầu Vaping The percentage of teens who vaped marijuamãng cầu in the past 12 months remained stable between 2019 và 20đôi mươi. 20192020
8th graders 7.0%8.1%
10th graders 19.4%19.1%
12th graders đôi mươi.8%22.1%
Figure 5: Daily or Near-Daily Marijuamãng cầu Vaping Decreased Significantly Aý muốn 10th Graders The percentage of respondents who vaped marijuana daily or almost daily decreased significantly aước ao 10th graders. 20192020
8th graders 0.8%0.7%
10th graders 3.0%1.7%
12th graders 3.5% 2.5%

Section: Marijuana Use Remains Steady

Since 2018, both past-year và daily marijuana use remained nearly the same across all age groups. 

Figure 6: Past-Year Marijuana Use 201820192020
8th graders 10.5%11.8%11.4%
10th graders 27.5%28.8%28%
12th graders 35.9% 35.7% 35.2%
Figure 7: Daily Marijuamãng cầu Use 201820192020
8th graders 0.7%1.3%1.1%
10th graders 3.4%4.8%4.4%
12th graders 5.8%6.4%6.9%

Section: Gradual Decline in Alcohol Use Slows

Over the past 10 years alcohol use gradually declined across all grades. However, the long-term trkết thúc leveled off in 2020.

Figure 8: Binge Drinking (5 or more drinks in a row in the past two weeks) 201020152020
8th graders 7.2%4.6% 4.5%
10th graders 16.3%10.9%9.6%
12th graders 23.2%17.2%16.8%
Figure 9: Past-Year Alcohol Use 201020152020
8th graders 29.3%21.0% đôi mươi.5%
10th graders 52.1%41.9% 40.7%
12th graders 65.2% 58.2%55.3%

Section: Amphetamine, Inhalant và Cough Medicine Misuse Trending Upward Amuốn Eighth Graders

The percentage of eighth graders who misused amphetamines, inhalants, & cough medicine over the past 12 months continues khổng lồ gradually increase.

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Figure 10: Past-Year Substance Misuse Ahy vọng Eighth Graders 201520162017201820192020
Inhalants  3.8%4.7%4.6%4.7%6.1%
Amphetamines 3.5%3.5%3.7%4.1%5.3%
Cough Medicine1.6%2.6%2.1%2.8%3.2%4.6%

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