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Hanoi, 28th Sep năm ngoái, Today, Toyota Motor Vietphái mạnh (TMV) honorly introduce new Fortuner TRD Sportivo năm ngoái. With the new sharp và sporty thiết kế, TMV continues launching the sporty version of Fortuner - Fortuner TRD Sportivo with white color. Currently, this special version has been available at TMV’s dealer network.

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Fortuner is one of five sầu IMV models developed by Toyota. It is under the IMV Project that aims lớn produce new pick-up trucks và multi-purpose vehicles with global quality for introduction in more than 170 countries worldwide. In Vietphái nam, Fortuner was first launched in Febuary 2009. Since then, it has achieved resounding success thanks khổng lồ the strong thiết kế, excellent unique, competitive sầu price and high resale value.

In many years, Fortuner has always been the first choice of customers who love SUV và has broken its records many times. After 7 years, Fortuner has sold nearly 47,000 units with a steady market cốt truyện at more than một nửa. In the first 9 months of this year, 6,180 units of Fortuner delivered to lớn customers, increased 19% vs same period last year.

To further meet the diversified needs of customers lớn Fortuner, as well as brings more benefits khổng lồ customers, TMV continue to lớn introduce new special version Fortuner TRD Sportivo 2015 with sporty and dynamic exterior.



First introduced lớn the market in 2011 as a special & limited edition, Fortuner TRD Sportivo has been welcomed and appreciated by a big number of Vietnamese customers by its sporty, stylish and eye-catchy design. To meet the high demvà of customers, TMV continues introducing TRD Sportivo version, besides the current versions of Fortuner in Vietphái nam with prominent features of exterior, bringing a youthful và fresh impression. To make a difference, Fortuner TRD Sportivo năm ngoái was developed on V version & was presented with two grades but only available trắng color - Fortuner TRD Sportivo 2.7L 4x4 and 4x2 (petrol engine, automatic transmission).

Sporty, Young và Stylish Exterior

The most noticeable exterior detail of Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo is the sport toàn thân kit designed by TRD (Toyota Racing Development) – Toyota’s in-house tuning cửa hàng which is responsible for supporting Toyota racing activities in such famous racing events as NASCAR or Indy Racing League, as well as creating high performance version of Toyota’s consumer products. The Fortuner TRD Sportivo’s sport body kit includes new front và rear bumper spoilers, TRD body toàn thân stripes with svào and sharp accent lines và daytime running light khổng lồ create a fresh appearance và assert the vehicle’s individuality.

Other specs such as the 17-inch, 6-spoke alloy wheels with 2 contrasting colors, the chromed TRD muffler cutter adds an attraction lớn the rear, white exterior color, which is quality of the version are unchanged.

Apart from its new appearance, Fortuner TRD Sportivo still features highly appreciated equipment on standard Fortuner V such as projector-type haloren headlamps, rear roof spoiler with third stop lamp, running boards, etc.

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Entertaining Interior

Fortuner TRD Sportivo năm ngoái inherits the advantages of Fortuner V’s interior such as the chrome trims and blachồng paneled wood grain highlights, center console design emphasizes horizontally, creating feelings cabin broader. Fortuner TRD Sportivo is equipped with leather -wrapped steering wheel, wood tryên, integrated control buttons of audio system and multi- information display. Dashboard of the car are also appropriate, help the driver can easily observe sầu & capture operational status of vehicles. Fortuner is equipped with power windows adjustment function up / down & anti-jamming one touch at driver"s side, assisting the driver more conveniently. This Mã Sản Phẩm is equipped with 6 speaker sound system; the head unit is a single disc CD player, Công nghệ Bluetooth connection for grade V (4x2) & DVD for grade V (4x4) which can be connected lớn portable media player via USB/AUX ports và bluetooth.


Powerful Performance

For New Fortuner TRD Sportivo uses a Full-time transfer to ensure high-torque capađô thị in any terrain. Particularly, Torsen LSD (Torque sensing Limited Slip Differential) which distributes uneven lớn the front and rear wheels has been adopted for the center differential to lớn provide excellent stability và controllability, & traction performance.

It is equipped 2.7L DOHC 16-valves VVT-i using gasoline engine và 4 tốc độ automatic transmission ensures a smooth & easy drive sầu. VVT-i is an advanced mechanism khổng lồ alặng for the top-cấp độ fuel efficiency of the class & provide the feeling of responsive sầu acceleration from start until reaching the medium or high tốc độ range.

Suspension geometry has been optimized for simultaneous pursuit of stable performance and ride comfort. Front suspension is independent with coil spring, newly developed double wishbone and stabilizer bar. Moreover, a 4-liên kết rear suspension with coil spring và lateral control rod has been adopted for high rigidity và excellent stability.

High cấp độ of Safety

Besides the world-famous GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) safety structure, the New Fortuner has Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) which helps prevent the wheels from locking up on slippery surfaces of road conditions; besides, EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) has been adopted for additional braking stability. The back sonar is applied for Fortuner V that help the driver know the obstacles when parking và keep the safe distance.

To protect both driver and passenger from crashing at the front, SRS (Supplemental Restrain System) dual airbags are used for New Fortuner for both driver & front passenger seat, pursuing high safety performance even further.

An impact absorbing toàn thân structure efficiently absorbs energy of impact in the unlikely sự kiện of front or side collision. Three point seatbelts are adopted for all seats except for the center seat of 2nd seat row (2-point only) to provide comfortable wear và enhance the safety.

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With the grade line-up improvement of New Fortuner TRD Sportivo 2015 –Toyota Vietphái mạnh expects to lớn bring the most comfort-ability and affordability to our customers. With the prestigious Toyota brand name along with impressive sầu features of New Fortuner TRD Sportivo 2015, we hope to bring more and more competitive sầu products as well as best after sales services & benefit khổng lồ all of our customers. Fortuner TRD Sportivo’s sales target of 140 units per month, TMV continuously enhances the leading position in sales and market share of all car segments.

ModelRetail Price (including VAT)

4-tốc độ Automatic Transmission

2.7 Gasoline, DOHC, VVT-i.,

1,082,000,000 VND

4-speed Automatic Transmission

2.7 Gasoline, DOHC, VVT-i.,

1,195,000,000 VND

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