Shelby mustang

  - GT500 SIGNATURE EDITION | 800+ HORSEPOWER American is pushing the lachạy thử generation GT500SE superoto lớn new levels. As the first Carroll Signature Edition version for this mã sản phẩm, the car delivers sizzling styling, razor sharp handling and an additional 40 horsepower.

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• Performance Supercharger pulley (800+ HP) • Performance half shafts • High volume/flow supercharger intercooler • High volume/flow supercharger heat exchanger • Front & rear springs • Front & rear sway bars • Suspension recalibration • Caster camber plates • 20”x11” front wheels • 20”x11.5” rear wheels • Performance spec tires • Extended and hardened wheel studs
• Dry carbon fiber, ventilated hood • Hood struts and “” hood locks • Billet engine caps • Striping and badging • Leather seat recovers • CSM numbered engine & dash plate • Limited khổng lồ 98 units for 2020 Model year • Donation khổng lồ the Carroll Foundation
• Wide Body • Painted Stripes • Carbon Fiber Package (late availability) • Rear seat delete, with harness bar • Thể Thao Cup 2 performance tires • First Fifteen Factory Delivery


WheelsThe GT500SE sports lightweight super strong one-piece forged aluminum Monoblochồng wheels.


InteriorInside the Signature Edition are luxurious new all- leather recovers, with the iconic Carroll signature.

* adds major cooling upgrades including a high flow/volume heat exchanger & intercooler

What does do

To enhance performance, American integrated a new pulley và coolers for the 5.2-liter V8 lớn churn out 800+ horsepower on 93 octane pump gas. The oto was lowered with more track-focused springs lớn match a new aggressive sầu suspension tune. A new ultra-light, vented dry carbon fiber hood cuts 30 pounds off the top of the GT500SE.

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The also features new wheels, tires, interior, badges, stripes & more. A host of options, including the popular widetoàn thân package are also available. Plus, the GT500SE is eligible for further upgrades by American in the future.

The sale of each GT500SE benefits the Carroll Foundation. It also includes membership in Team, the club that Carroll established in 2008. Limited lớn only 100 per Mã Sản Phẩm year, each GT500SE receives a serial number và will be documented in the official American Registry.


Power and Handling

Pricing, options & availability subject to lớn change without notice. Minimum 91 octane required in supercharged vehicles.

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Equipment may void powertrain warranty. International customers should check for import restrictions.