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Kagura finally got a new SKIN và I’m in love with it! What bởi vì you guys think of the new outfit?Kagura being one of the hardest Mages to master in điện thoại Legends but it didn’t get as much love as it deserves. With the new rework on the skills & the new skin, Kagura goes all in this Fall! I hope to lớn see more Kagura’s appear in games then before. Mmmkay class, let’s own!

Whats up dear Mobile Legend players,

I’ve found an amazing article on how lớn SOLVE the Lagg in the game.Use Speed Mode if necessary

Turn on Speed Mode if necessary lớn improve sầu your gaming experience & reduce lag.Cchiến bại all background apps

Cheông xã if there is an ứng dụng running in the background as it may cause some device and network lag.Check your mạng internet speed

Sometimes your internet is the cause why you are lagging.Cheông chồng if you have sầu enough storage

Always kiểm tra if you have sầu enough storage. It might cause device lag.Turn off audio/sound

If you have a slow network consider turning off your audio/sound to save bandwidth.Update your device to the latest version

Make sure to keep your device up-to-date as some phone updates fix some bugs & increase your phone performance.Power nguồn Saving Mode

If your device has Power nguồn Saving Mode feature, turning it off will increase your phone’s performance.After an Update

It’s normal that the hệ thống lags after an update because many players download resources from the VPS.Device Requirements

Make sure your device met the requirements lớn play điện thoại Legends as it may cause device lag.Game Graphics

If your device is lagging while playing sản phẩm điện thoại Legends consider changing your Graphics lớn Low or Mid to lớn increase your phone performance.Using thiết bị di động Data?

If you are using sản phẩm điện thoại data go to lớn a place or move to a place where you have sầu a better and stable signal strength.Using Wifi?Even though you are using Wifi it might cause lag when someone is connected to lớn your Wifi & using another program or visiting another trang web that requires high bandwidth(ex. Facebook, YouTube, etc.) it will affect your connection with the VPS.

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After I’ve sầu told you guys the basics it’s time khổng lồ really get started.

Now that you know how important the picking phase and farming is, it’s also important khổng lồ know how khổng lồ use comtháng strategies in real.

Let’s start with the most comtháng line-up in Smartphone Legends atm:Top lane: 2 players

Mid lane: 1 player

Bot lane: 2 playersOfcourse in Legover và Epic there is also someone jungling but that won’t be too much when your playing in Master and Grandmaster.This line-up works best & like this everybody will be able to lớn collect gold without being to lớn vulnerable for losing towers. Any other line-up can be usefull but I won’t recommover it.From the moment you’ve locked in your hero in the picking phase it’s time lớn decide where you will play early game. If you teaming up with a friover I would recommend you to piông xã a lane with hlặng & make use of the voice chat.

If your playing solo & are playing either mage or adc it’s better to lớn go solo in Mid lane.

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Why is Mid lane so popular?This question has been asked me more than a thous& times & it’s very easy lớn answer. The only reason mid is so important is because it has the fastest gold flow. With 2 jungle creeps on both sides of the tower và both buffs right next lớn it, it has the most potentional in early game. If you can take the tower of mid early game and keep on going with farm, it will become very possible that you can carry the game from 11/12 minutes.

Let’s say you’ve sầu listened to lớn my advice & now your up with your goldfarm by around 1.5k gold more than your opponents.

If that’s the scenario you better get your butt khổng lồ the other lanes. It’s time to gank your enemies và get all lanes in advantage.Remember, taking down towers is always more important then killing the other team. Peforming a well timed gank will take some time to master but with enough practise you will see things developing for itself.Let’s continue with some strategies for mid-game:The most famous strategy is a “Split-Push” this means 3 stay in middle lane and distract while 2 others push in both top and mid lane to take down towers. The enemy will be confused on where to go & this will get them lớn make mistakes.

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Another scenario is that you guys have aced the other team & everyone start pushing different lanes. What I vày at times is kill the first 2 minions of a lane và let the wave kill the last one, this will cost time and by the time they finished the next wave sầu will pile up & like this you can get enormous minion waves that rush towards enemy territory.

Another famous strategy is the Lord Ambush, your team attacks lord and then runs towards the bushes. The timer on the minimap will reset and Lord will make a sound. For sure this will lure players from the enmy team towards your location. A good focus on their support and ADC will clear their whole team out!The more you play guys the more you will learn, this was part 2 of my secrets to lớn LEGEND division. Leave a phản hồi with your tips and I will update this danh mục. Keep in touch for part 3!!


The following article i’ve found on Facebook but is found originally on the subreddit r/mobilelegends on This player & many others are saying that Fanny wil become completely OP in Season 6. So for everyone who was suggesting lớn delete the game can come bachồng khổng lồ earth và keep playing!

Fanny will (one’s again) become OP.. The most annoying nhân vật from S1 and S2 is coming baông xã. Me myself i’m not really happy about it but we can’t keep playing Mobile Legends without this hero!