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Choose another option 5(6)-FAM <5-(and-6)-Carboxyfluorescein> UltraPure Grade Mixed Isomers 5(6)-FAM, SE <5-(and-6)-Carboxyfluorescein, SE> 5-FAM <5-Carboxyfluorescein> 5-FAM cadaverine - 10 mg 5-FAM, SE <5-Carboxyfluorescein, SE> 6-FAM <6-Carboxyfluorescein> 6-FAM, SE <6-Carboxyfluorescein, SE>

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Although FITC reagents have sầu been more often used to prepare fluorescent bioconjugates, the low stability of FITC bioconjugates makes some researchers use amine-reactive sầu succinimidyl esters of carboxyfluorescein (commonly called FAM) in bioconjugations. FAM reagents generate carboxamides that are more resistant khổng lồ hydrolysis. We have shown that FAM reagents require less stringent reaction conditions, give better conjugation yields, và the resulted conjugates have superior stability. We noted that FITC labeled peptides tover khổng lồ deteriorate more quickly than the corresponding FAM conjugates.5-FAM is a single isomer. It is one of the most popular green fluorescent reagents used for in situ labeling peptides, proteins và nucleotides. It has also been used khổng lồ prepare various small fluorescent molecules.5-FAM-X, SE contains a seven-atom aminohexanoyl spacer (known as ‘X’) between the FAM fluorophore & the succinimidyl ester. The ‘X’ spacer separates the fluorophore from the biomolecule to lớn which it is conjugated. The ‘X’ spacer may potentially reduce the quenching that typically occurs upon conjugation. We recommover this fluorescein derivative sầu as the preferred dye for preparing fluoresceinated proteins when the fluorescence quenching of the labeling dyes by proteins is a serious problem.

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CAS registry numberMolecular FormulaMolecular Mass/ WeightAbsorbance (nm)Emission (nm)PurityFormResuspension conditionStorage ConditionsApplicationDetection MethodResearch AreaSub-category Retìm kiếm AreaUsage
Quantity & Purity
Storage & stability
-20°C desiccated & protected from light
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AS-81009 5-FAM-X, SE <6-(Fluorescein-5-carboxamido)hexanoic acid, SE> (EN)