If you use Google (for example, Gmail or Google Docs), you can use your Google trương mục to lớn access With Google Sign-In, you can access without having khổng lồ rethành viên a password.

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You can access with Google Sign-In on:

The Android appThe iOS appThe desktop app

Note: Google Sign-In isn"t available on Windows mobile devices.

How to sign in to using Google Sign-In

To access with Google Sign-In, cliông chồng Sign in with Google on either or the Smartphone app.

If you don"t have a account yet, you can create one by clicking Sign in with Google. This will you create a account using your Google email address.

Note: You must have sầu a Google tài khoản as the tin nhắn on your tài khoản, and this address must match the email address you use to sign in. Business admins: How lớn turn off Google Sign-In for your team

By default, your team members can use Google Sign-In for their team accounts. Certain types of admins can disable Google Sign-In.

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Click Admin Console.Click Settings.Click Single sign-on.Toggle Google sign-in to lớn Off.

Can I use two-step verification with Google Sign-In?

Yes. If two-step verification is enabled on a trương mục, you"ll still need lớn enter a two-step verification code before signing in with Google. This is true even if you"re signing in with a Google tài khoản that also has two-step verification.

Learn more about using two-step verification with

I wasn"t able to use Google Sign-In

If you can"t sign in lớn with Google Sign-In, there are a few things you can try:

First, verify that the Google tin nhắn address you"re signing in with matches the gmail address on your trương mục.

For Business users:

Verify that Google Sign-In is enabled for your team.Verify that single sign-on (SSO) is not required for your team (check with your admin if you"re not sure).

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For Android app users:

Verify that Google Play Services are installed on your device.Verify that Google Play Services are up-to-date. If the application is not up-to-date, update lớn the most recent version.Verify that you gave for Android the required permissions. If you clicked Deny during phối up, Google will not grant the permissions required for Google Sign-In to work.