Boon Siew Honda has unveiled the its latest addition to lớn its dependable kapcai range – the Honda EX5 Dream FI. Billed as a motorcycle “specially designed” for the local market, the EX5 Dream FI supersedes the EX5 Dream 110, launched in 2013. It is the first mã sản phẩm in its class to lớn feature Honda’s PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection) technology for improved fuel efficiency và performance.

The Honda EX5 Dream FI is powered by an air-cooled, four-stroke 110 cc engine which puts out a total of 8.4 hp at 7,500 rpm & 8.4 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm. Transmission is that of the four-speed constant mesh variety with a wet-type automatic centrifugal clutch. As for the (adjustable) suspension setup, 81 milimet telescopic forks are featured up front with 68 mm twin forks at the rear.

Compared to lớn its Dream 110 predecessor, the Dream FI boasts a larger 4.3 litre fuel tank. As a result, the Dream FI possesses an operational range of 250.7 km compared to the 214.4 km figure touted by the Dream 110. Fuel consumption is also improved with a 58.3 km/l quoted on the ECE 40 test cycle. The Dream 110 could only manage 53.8 km/l on the exact same demo cycle.

In terms of its dimensions, the EX5 Dream FI measures in at 1,923 milimet in length, 696 milimet in width và stands at 1,046 mm. Wheelbase is recorded at 1,212 mm.

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Two variants are available, a kick starter version sits alongside an electric (self) starter model. The former tips the scales at 98 kg while the latter, at 99 kg.

Styling wise, the Honda Dream EX5 FI features a revised headlamp thiết kế with the Honda emblem beneath it now marked out in chrome. Elsewhere, a chrome heat cover on the exhaust outlet projects a more premium image while the rear taillamp assembly now feature side indicators with a separate housing – a move made to lớn fulfil UNECE safety regulations for motorcycles.

Other improvements over the outgoing EX5 Dream model include a reworked instrument cluster for improved legibility in conditions with less than desirable amounts of lighting. Prospective customers can choose from three different colours – Euphoria Red Metallic, Vital xanh Metallic and Mariana Purple Metallic. The latter is a deep violet hue that is almost đen under all but the harshest of lighting.

Prices for the Honda EX5 Dream FI begin at RM4,299RM4,529 – the former figure is for the kick starter variant. Prices exclude both GST and on-the-road costs. A two-year/20,000 km warranty is offered. Boon Siew Honda aims khổng lồ sell 37,200 units of the EX5 Dream FI annually.