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Mikiyasu Shinjo dies while planning the unprecedented "Biggest Golf Tournament in History". In order to lớn carry out Mikiyasu"s last wishes, young golfer Dandoh Aoba embarks on creating a new tradition abroad.

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Shin Pro Golfer SaruVol: 11Corocoro Comic1983

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TagsShounenSportsDamocles no GolfVol: 3; Ch: 33Comic Bull2020 - 2021

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TagsShounenSportsSora no SubaruVol: 21Weekly Shounen Magazine2000 - 2005

The story of Hyoudo Shin, son of professional golfer Hyoudo Masashi. He idolizes his father, but they’ve never played together– not since the death of his mother. Masashi demands a certain cấp độ of proficiency from his son before they can play together, but when he reaches that level (still in grade school) his father is coaching someone else– the son of a rival who can no longer play. So what else can Shin do? Become the rival of the kid his father is coaching!Actually, that's not what this manga is about. You’re told that story so that you can then discover the real story– that of Hoshino Subaru– the son of a former golf pro now in a wheelchair. He had khổng lồ give up basketball because he has a heart condition, but golf? He just might be gifted at that, with a swing that hooks his ball high in the sky…

TagsShounenSportsAozora ShotteVol: 24; Ch: 225Weekly Shounen Sunday1987 - 1991

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TagsShounenSportsGolf no KyuutarouOne ShotCorocoro Comic2009

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TagsOne ShotShounenSportsPro Golfer SaruVol: 19Weekly Shounen Sunday1974

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TagsShounenSportsGolfAshita Tenki ni NaareVol: 58Weekly Shounen Magazine1980 - 1991

Mukai Taiyo is a junior high school student who supports his family, comprising five members, together with his mother who is running a small local restaurant. At first, he earned money by secretly betting on golf games. After helping a thành viên of his school's golf club, however, he began lớn practice golf hard in order to lớn become a professional player. The hero's persistent character along with his physical constitution helped promote the image of golf as a familiar sports event. Lớn hit a tee shot well, Taiyo always calls out "Cha Shu Men" (Chinese noodle with slices of baked pork), which became a popular expression at the time.

Set in a hidden valley in the Japanese Alps, Saru and his family must battle a trio of golf-assassins.

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Set in the Super Golf World theme park, Saru faces the world's greats at a tournament run by the ever-present Mr. X.

A series of fantastical tournaments in which players uses absurd powers and Saru remains determined to lớn triumph. Amid kung-fu masters & fairway fairies, his opponents include Death himself.

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TagsShounenSportsGolfBirdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story Season 2TV BN Pictures2023

Second season ofBirdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story.