Kinetics of the reaction no2 + co

State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering, Membrane Science & Technology Research Center, Nanjing University of Technology, 5 Xinmobạn Road, Nanjing 210009, P.. R. China
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The thermal decomposition of CO2 khổng lồ CO và O2 is a potential route for the consumption and utilization of CO2. However, this reaction is limited by both the thermodynamic equilibrium và the kinetic barrier. In this study, we reported an innovative catalytic process to lớn decompose CO2 in an oxygen-permeation membrane reactor packed with a mixed-conducting oxide supported noble metal catalyst, or Pd/SrCo0.4Fe0.5Zr0.1O3−δ (Pd/SCFZ), which is of high activity in the decomposition of CO2 into lớn CO and O2. Pd/SCFZ catalyst was prepared by incipient wetness impregnation of the SCFZ powders with an aqueous solution of PdCl2, và the CO2 sorption/desorption property was examined by in situ Fourier transkhung infrared spectroscopy và temperature-programmed desorption-mass spectrometry technologies. It was shown that there appeared a typical of bridged carbonyls (Pd-CO) on the surface of the Pd/SCFZ catalyst formed after CO2 decomposition. Both CO2 & CO could be detected in the species desorbed from Pd/SCFZ catalyst, which implied that the Pd/SCFZ catalyst could effectively activate the CO2 molecule. During the catalytic process, furthermore, the activity of the Pd/SCFZ catalyst can self-regenerate by removing the produced lattice oxygen through the dense oxygen-permeable ceramic membrane. At 900 °C, this catalytic process attains 100% of CO formation selectivity at 15.8% of CO2 conversions.

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Calculation of the corresponding thermodynamic equilibrium conversion rate of the CO2 decomposition. This material is available không tính tiền of charge via the Internet at

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