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The lower end of the displacement spectrum in India has been populated largely by simple commuters so far. But with more high-tech bikes lượt thích the KTM 125 Duke and Yamaha MT-15 now on sale, we’re seeing more and more capable smaller bikes. One such bike that we wish was sold here in India is the Honda CB150R ExMotion, which would be a perfect competitor khổng lồ the MT-15. So how vì chưng the two stack up on paper?

Engine & Drivetrain

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Honda CB150R ExMotion

Yamaha MT-15


149.16cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-valve DOHC engine

155cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-valve sầu SOHC engine




Even though we’ve taken the specs from the CBR150R, which uses the same engine but is likely slightly more powerful (engine output for the CB150R is unavailable), the Honda is thoroughly outgunned by the MT in this department. On the upside, the CB does make more torque và its peak figures arrive sầu earlier, which should make it the more sprightly of the two in urban conditions, which is where bikes lượt thích these are likely to spend most of their time. What’s also worth noting is that the Honda motor claims to be Euro6-compliant, so its output will probably remain unchanged for many years to come, while the Yamaha motor could thảm bại a pony or two as emission norms get stricter with time.


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Hondomain authority CB150R ExMotion

Yamaha MT-15


Diamond-type frame



F: 41milimet USD fork

R: Monoshock

F: Telescopic fork

R: Linked monoshock


F: 296mm disc, 4-piston caliper

R: 220milimet disc

F: 282milimet disc

R: 220mm disc


R: 140/70-R17


Despite losing out on an upside-down fork, the MT-15’s Deltabox perimeter frame và linked rear monoshoông chồng should make it the better handling bike of this pair. And even though it gets skinnier rubber, its radial rear tyre should prove to be gripper than the bias-ply unit on the CB150R. One area where the Yamaha does thất bại out is braking, with smaller discs & single-channel ABS compared to the Honda’s dual-channel system.

Dimensions và Weights

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Honda CB150R ExMotion

Yamaha MT-15




Ground clearance



Fuel tank capacity



Seat height



Kerb weight




Thanks khổng lồ its significantly lower kerb weight và lower seat height, the CB150R is the more manageable & accessible motorcycle of the two, but its practicality is seriously compromised by the miniscule 8.5-litre fuel tank, so long-distance touring will require frequent stops. Another limiting factor is its 139milimet ground clearance, which will almost certainly be inadequate over our pothole-ridden streets.