c : a modifying or cautionary detail khổng lồ be considered when evaluating, interpreting, or doing something The driving instructor gave his students this caveat: if you are driving under the speed limit, stay in the far right lane.

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2 : a legal warning lớn a judicial officer to lớn suspover a proceeding until the opposition has a hearing

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You may be familiar with the old saying "caveat emptor," nowadays loosely translated as "let the buyer beware." In the 16th century, this adage was imparted as a safeguard for the seller: allow the buyer khổng lồ examine the item (for example, a horse) before the sale is completed, so the seller can"t be blamed if the chiến thắng turns out to be unsatisfactory. "Caveat" in Latin means let him beware & comes from the verb "cavēre" ("to be on guard"). Perhaps you"ve also heard "caveat lector": "let the reader beware," a warning khổng lồ take what one reads with a grain of salt. English retained "caveat" itself as a noun for something that serves to warn, explain, or caution. (The word caution is another descendant of "cavēre.")

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Sound great? There"s just one caveat: Knowledge about how genes work is still in the scientific Stone Age. — Andrea Knox, Chicago Tribune, 4 Aug. 2000 We"ll add a caveat of our own for parents: After your kids walk through 17,500 gal. of swirling water, they"re not going to be satisfied running through the lawn sprinkler. — Jlặng Wilson, Popular Mechanics, July 1999 But the youthquake in the new economy comes with a caveat that also may begin applying to politics. If you"re inexperienced and you want a big job, you"d better be smart as hell. — Jonathan Alter, Newsweek, 22 Nov. 1999 … a cluster bomb can destroy objects over a wider area, with the important caveat that it is effective sầu only if the bomblets have sufficient destructive sầu power on their own. — Norman Friedman, Desert Victory, 1991 His investment advice comes with a caveat: that the stoông xã market is impossible to lớn predict with absolute accuracy.

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Recent Examples on the Web Tracking positivity rates, however, does come with a caveat. — Rich Exner, cleveland, "Ohio will begin releasing weekly data on coronavirus positivity rates by county," 23 Aquảng cáo. 2021 The rankings come with a caveat, assuming that all of UCLA’s important contributors return next season. — Ben Bolch, Los Angeles Times, "One ranking puts UCLA at No. 1 for next season after its Final Four run," 13 Aquảng cáo. 2021 But there is one caveat: Red sauce goes on top only by request. — Phillip Valys,, "Detroit-style pizza invasion: How square pies became white-hot in South Florida," 26 Mar. 2021 There is one caveat that may apply with today"s environment though. — Ben Carlson, Fortune, "Can the stoông chồng market crash during an economic boom?," đôi mươi Mar. 2021 There is one caveat to this discussion: the acknowledgment that there are different use cases for BI software. — Glen Rabie, Forbes, "Data Literacy Training Has Failed: Here"s What Chief Data Officers Need To Do Instead," 19 Mar. 2021 But there is one big caveat to this theoretical portrait of real-world time travel—this machine doesn’t go in reverse. — Matt Blitz, Popular Mechanics, "We Already Know How to Build a Time Machine," 17 Dec. 2020 There was one caveat: that the money would be placed in a new reserve fund and would be released only at the council"s discretion next year. — Liz Navratil, Star Tribune, "Two big compromises helped Minneapolis public safety plan win approval," 12 Dec. 20trăng tròn There is one caveat khổng lồ the extended hour plan: It will be based on available staffing, said DABC spokesman Terry Wood. — Kathy Stephenson, The Salternative text Lake Tribune, "‘Drinkers’ remain the majority on Utah liquor commission; and DABC to lớn extover store hours," 30 Oct. 20đôi mươi

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